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South Africa
Internet usage, broadband and telecommunications reports

33,464,764 Internet users
as of Dec 31, 2014; 61.1% of the population,
according to IAB.

South Africa - officially the Republic of South Africa (RSA), is a country located in Southern Africa. It is bordered to the north by Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe. To the east it is bordered by Mozambique and Swaziland; and within it lies Lesotho, an enclave surrounded by South African territory. South Africa is the 25th largest country in the world by land area and has close to 55 million people population.

South Africa Map:
South Africa map and basic data

Latest Population Estimate:
54,777,809 population for 2015, according to 2011 Census.

Latest GNI Estimate:
GNI per capita was US$ 7,190 for 2014, according to the World Bank.

South Africa Land Size (Area):
South Africa has 1,214,470 sq km - Population Density is 45 persons per sq km.

Weather in South Africa: Weather for South Africa

Rwanda Internet Usage and Population Statistics:




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South Africa Profile
CIA World Factbook South Africa Geography and basic facts.

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South Africa Broadband and Internet Market Report
Despite being open to competition by more than 200 Internet Service Providers (ISPs), South Africa’s Internet sector has been stagnant in recent years due to an expensive operating environment created by Telkom SA’s dominance in the fixed-line and bandwidth market. Modest growth has now returned to the market, stimulated by the launch of Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) and wireless broadband services in 2004, followed by continuous price cuts in the following years. Further stimulus is expected from the launch of the second national operator (SNO) and an expansion of 3G/HSDPA services by the country’s mobile network operators. This report provides an overview of South Africa’s Internet and broadband markets, supplemented by profiles of the main players and key sector statistics.

South Africa - Convergence, VoIP, NGN and Digital Media Report
With its relatively well developed and diverse infrastructure, South Africa is taking a regional lead role in the convergence of telecommunication and information technologies, promising the long-awaited reduction in telecommunication costs and better availability of information and services. Sweeping liberalisation measures taken in 2005, legalising - among other things - the use of VoIP, have begun to change the country’s telecoms landscape fundamentally. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are turning into phone companies, and vice versa. Both are moving into delivering audio and video content over their networks, while in turn the traditional electronic media carriers are discovering the potential of their infrastructure for telecommunications service delivery.

South Africa - Fixed Line Market and Infrastructure Overview and Statistics Report
Although its period of exclusivity ended in 2002, Telkom SA remained the sole provider of fixed-line telecommunications services in South Africa until early 2007 when the second national operator (SNO) became operational after finally receiving its licence at the end of 2005. Under Telkom’s monopoly rule, fixed-line teledensity has continuously fallen since 2000. SNO shareholders Eskom and Transtel already have significant alternative nationwide infrastructure in place, as does Sentech, which is licensed to provide multimedia services and to operate an international telecommunications gateway. Some of the largest municipalities in the country are also rolling out their own telecommunications infrastructure. Wireless technologies are being pursued to provide alternatives to Telkom’s copper access network.

South Africa - Telecom Market and Regulatory Overview
South Africa’s telecom sector boasts the continent’s most advanced networks in terms of technology deployed and services provided. The newly licensed second national operator (SNO) will finally launch services in competition to Telkom SA in early 2007. Sweeping liberalisation measures taken two years earlier, legalising - among other things - the use of VoIP, are beginning to change the country’s telecoms landscape fundamentally. The long awaited new Electronic Communications Act (formerly Convergence Bill) was finally enacted in mid 2006. The end of Telkom's monopoly on the SAT-3 submarine cable in 2007 is expected to help reduce the costs of telecommunication in South Africa which are currently among the highest in the world.

South Africa - Mobile Market, Overview and Statistics Report
South Africa has a vibrant mobile market that has seen rapid uptake of GSM since competition was introduced to the sector more than 10 years ago. With market penetration exceeding 70% and number portability introduced in 2006, the three network operators are increasingly forced to find innovative ways of distinguishing themselves from the competition in order to gain and retain customers. The introduction of mobile Internet and multimedia services via 3G mobile technology is one way of doing this and has lead to a marked increase in data traffic. Another is the adoption of the Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) model, highlighted by the entry of Virgin Mobile into the market.

See Global Telecoms - Telecommunications Key Market Statistics Report
Despite economic and financial upheavals the telecoms industry is moving ahead at a fast pace. As a matter of fact the telecom industry is one of the least affected by this turmoil, and in many ways it will be a catalyst for transformation.

Visit the The Africa Telecommunications Reports Page. More figures and updates become available all the time.

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