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Copyrights and Permissions

All the content (articles, tables, texts, and graphics) in the Internet World Stats dot com website is intellectual property that belongs to Miniwatts de Colombia Ltda. and or Enrique De Argaez.

According to
Copyright Law, anybody wishing to make use of these materials must obtain the corresponding copyrights permission before publishing it in a text-book, ebook, video, another website, or in other media.

The procedure for obtaining the copyright permission for Internet
World Stats content (statistics, tables and graphs), is as follows:

1 - Write to our eMail account, "copyrights" at "", indicating your interest in obtaining a copyright permission and giving all the details of your publication project.

2 - A quote will be prepared and sent to your email address, indicating the terms, the scope, and the cost of the copyright permission, as well as the payment instructions.

3 - Once payment has been confirmed, you will receive the copyright permission by email.

4 - For your convenience and safety, we have several channels for processing online payments, and accept all forms of payment.


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The Basics of Getting Permission.

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The complete copyrights category from the Wikipedia.

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The legal concept for copyrights and copyrighting.

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U. S. Copyright Office
Provides expert advice on copyright law and policy to Congress,
federal agencies, the courts, and the general public.

University of Washington
International Copyright Law.


spacerLinks to General Information on the Subject

DMCA Definition
The Basics of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

The Lumen Project
The Lumen database collects and analyzes legal complaints
and requests for removal of online materials.

The World Intellectual Property Organization,
a United Nations Agency. Excellent reference source.

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