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Middle East

Middle East

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Countries included: Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait,
Lebanon, Oman, Palestine (West Bank), Qatar, Saudi Arabia,
Syria, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

spacer Links to the Middle East Region

spacer250,327,574 population estimate for the Middle East in 2017.

spacer141,489,765 Internet users for June/2016, 56.5% of the population.

spacer76,000,000 Facebook subscribers on Jun/2016, 30.4% penetration rate.

Middle East Telecommunications Market Reports

Middle East Internet Usage and Population Statistics
In the Middle East, there are an estimated 141,489,765 Internet users,
and between 2000 and 2017 the region has shown an impressive
Internet usage growth rate of 4,207.4 %.

GCC - Gulf Cooperation Council
The Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, referred to as
the Cooperation Council (GCC), was established on May 25, 1981 at
the city of Abu Dhabi, by the following six countries: the United Arab
Emirates, the State of Bahrain, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the
Sultanate of Oman, the State of Quatar and the State of Kuwait.

Sakhr Software
In Arabic computational linguistics, Sakhr has successfully transformed
its research in Natural Language Processing (NLP) into industry-first
commercial software and solutions.

Middle East Financial and Economy News portal.
Arab Countries information and company news.

Most Complete Search Engine and Directory for 22
Arab Countries and the Middle East, with links.

Arab News
Leading Middle East English language news daily.

Middle East Directory
Guide to Middle East web sites.

Khaleej Times
Khaleej Times is the first English newspaper to be launched in the UAE in 1978.

Middle East Encyclopedia
Information and links for the Midddle East and
the North of Africa.

Unesco Portal Showing Member Arab States

Telecommunications in the Middle East
Telecommunications in the Middle East and Vertical Markets, Special
Market Reports, covering Broadband and Internet, click to read.

spacerBahrain_flag BAHRAIN

spacerBH - 1,418,895 population (2017) - Country size: 694 sq km

spacerCapital City: Manama - population 297,509 (2012)

spacer1,278,752 Internet users on June/2016, 90.1% penetration, per IWS

spacer 800,000 Facebook subscribers on Jun/2016, 56.4% penetration rate.

spacerLocal Time and Weather in Manama, Bahrain

Map of Bahrain and general information.

Bahrain Market Reports
Bahrain profile, telecommunications reports, search engines and directories.

spacerIran_flag IRAN (Islamic Republic of)

spacerIR - 80,945,718 population (2017) - Country size: 1,648,195 sq km

spacerCapital City: Tehran - population 8,778,535 (2012)

spacer 56,700,000 Internet users on Jun/2016, 70.0% penetration, per IWS.

spacer 17,200,000 Facebook subscribers on Jun/2016, 21.2% penetration

spacerLocal Time and Weather in Tehran, Iran

Map of Iran and general information.

Iran Market Reports
Iran profiles, statistics, search engines and telecommunications reports.

spacerIraq_flag IRAQ

spacerIQ - 38,654,287 population (2017) - Country size: 434,128 sq km

spacerCapital City: Bagdad - population 5,505,003 (2012)

spacer 14,000,000 Internet users on Jun/2016, 36.2% penetration, per IWS.

spacer 14,000,000 Facebook subscribers on Jun/2016, 36.2% penetration rate.

spacerLocal Time and Weather in Bagdad, Iraq

Map of Iraq and general information.

The Coalition Provisional Authority Web Site.

Baghdad Business Center
Network that provides assistance to facilitate business
relationships between Iraqi and international companies.

Iraq Market Reports
Iraq profiles, statistics, search engines and telecommunications reports.

spacerIsrael_flag ISRAEL

spacerIL - 8,323,248 population (2017) - Country size: 20,991 sq km

spacerCapital city: Jerusalem - population 783,791 (2012)

spacer5,941,174 Internet users for Jun/2016, 71.4% penetration, per IWS.

spacer 4,900,000 Facebook subscribers for Jun/2016, 58.9% penetration

spacerLocal Time and Weather in Jerusalem, Israel

Israel Telecommunications
Israel telecoms, mobile and broadband report.

Israel Search Engines and Market Reports

Israeli Directories, Search Engines and News Papers
Jewish information and community links.

spacerJordan_flag JORDAN

spacerJO - 7,876,703 population (2017) - Country Size: 89,342 sq km

spacerCapital city: Amman - population 1,243,908 (2012)

spacer5,700,000 Internet users on Jun/2015, 72.4% penetration, per Petra.

spacer 4,800,000 Facebook subscribers for Jun/2016, 60.9% penetration.

spacerLocal Time and Weather in Amman, Jordan

Map of Jordan and general information.

Jordan Market Reports
Jordan profiles, statistics, search engines and telecommunications reports.

spacerKuwait_flag KUWAIT

spacerKW - 4,099,932 population (2017) - Country size: 17,818 sq km

spacerCapital City: Kuwait City - population 86,236 (2012)

spacer3,202,110 Internet users on Jun/2016, 78.1% penetration, per IWS.

spacer 2,300,000 Facebook subscribers on Jun/2016, 56.1% penetration rate.

spacerLocal Time and Weather in Kuwait City, Kuwait

Map of Kuwait and general information.

Kuwait Market Reports
Kuwait profiles, statistics, search engines and telecommunications reports.

spacerLebanon_flag LEBANON

spacerLB - 6,039,277 population (2017) - Country size: 10,452 sq km

spacerCapital City: Beirut - population 2,060,363 (2012)

spacer4,545,007 Internet users for Jun/2016, 75.3% penetration, per IWS.

spacer 3,100,000 Facebook subscribers on Jun/2016, 51.3% penetration

spacerLocal Time and Weather in Beirut, Lebanon

Map of Lebanon and general information.

Lebanon Market Reports
Lebanon profiles, statistics, search engines and telecommunications reports.

spacerOman_flag OMAN

spacerOM - 4,741,305 population (2017) - Country size: 309,500 sq km

spacerCapital City: Muscat - population 24,721 (2012)

spacer3,310,260 Internet users on Jun/2016, 69.8% penetration, per IWS.

spacer 1,500,000 Facebook subscribers on Jun/2016, 31.6% penetration

spacerLocal Time and Weather in Muscat, Oman

Map of Oman and general information.

Oman Market Reports
Oman profile, statistics, search engines and telecommunications reports.

spacerPalestine_flag PALESTINE (West Bank and Gaza)

spacerPS - West Bank 2,839,777 pop. (2016) - Territory size: 5,860 sq km

spacerPS - Gaza Strip 1,921,202 pop. (2016) - Territory size: 360 sq km

spacer3,007,869 Internet users as of June/2016, 63.2 % penetration, per IWS.

spacer 1,700,000 Facebook users on Jun/2016, 35.7% penetration

spacerLocal Time and Weather in Gaza, Palestine

Palestine in the Wikipedia
Palestinian History from ancient times till today.

State of Palestine
The State of Palestine is a de jure sovereign state in the Middle East. Its
independence was declared on 15 November 1988 by the Palestine
Liberation Organization in Algiers as a government-in-exile.

Palestine Market Reports
Palestine profile, statistics, search engines and telecommunications reports.

spacerQatar_flag QATAR

spacerQA - 2,258,283 population (2016) - Country size: 11,521 sq km

spacerCapital City: Doha - population 437,639 (2012)

spacer2,200,000 Internet users on Jun/2016, 97.4% penetration, per IWS.

spacer 2,200,000 Facebook subscribers on Jun/2016, 97.4% penetration

spacerLocal Time and Weather in Doha, Qatar

Map of Qatar and general information.

Qatar Encyclopedia
Qatar facts, data, map and general information.

Qatar Market Reports
Qatar profile, statistics, search engines and telecommunications reports.

spacerSaudit_Arabia_flag SAUDI ARABIA

spacerSA - 32,157,974 population (2016) - Country size: 2,149,690 sq km

spacerCapital City: Riyadh - population 5,156,418 (2012)

spacer 20,813,695 Internet users on Jun/2016, 64.7% penetration, per IWS

spacer 14,000,000 Facebook users on Jun/2016, 43.5% penetration

spacerLocal Time and Weather in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia
Map of Saudi Arabia and general information.

Saudi Arabia Directory
Saudi Arabia websites, links and information.

Saudi Arabia On Line
Saudi Arabia websites, links and business news.

Saudi Arabia Market Reports
Saudi Arabia profile, statistics, search engines and telecommunications reports.

spacerSyria_flag SYRIA (Arab Republic of)

spacerSY - 18,563,595 population (2016) - Country size: 185,180 sq km

spacerCapital City: Damascus - population 1,907,471 (2012)

spacer5,502,250 Internet users on June/2016, 29.6% penetration, per IWS.

spacerFacebook subscribers, data not available.

spacerLocal Time and Weather in Damascus, Syria

Syria map and general information.

Syria Encyclopedia
Syria map, facts, history and general information.

Syria Market Reports
Syria profile, statistics, search engines and telecommunications reports.

spacerEmiratos_Arabes_flag UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

spacerAE - 9,266,971 population (2016) - Country size: 77,700 sq km

spacerCapital City: Abu Dhabi - population 613,368 (2012)

spacer8,515,420 Internet users on Jun/2016, 91.9% penetration, per IWS.

spacer 7,700,000 Facebook users on Jun/2016, 83.1% penetration

spacerLocal Time and Weather in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates Broadband Internet and Digital Media

UAE Market Reports
United Arab Emirates Profile, Search Engines and Web Directory.

United Arab Emirates News
Website supported by the National Media Council of the United Arab Emirates,
content is updated daily with news stories about the UAE.

spacerYemen_flag YEMEN

spacerYE - 27,392,779 population (2016) - Country size: 528,076 sq km

spacerCapital City: Sanaá - population 2,297,973 (2012)

spacer6,773,228 Internet users for Jun/2016, 24.7% penetration, per IWS

spacer1,800,000 Facebook subscribers on Jun/2016, 6.6% penetration.

spacerLocal Time and Weather in Sanaa, Yemen

Map of Yemen and general information.

Yemen Market Report
Yemen Internet usage, Telecommunications and market information.

Middle East Telecommunications Reports (New)

Middle East
Telecom Reports

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