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spacerFeatures Website Updates and Internet Usage News

IWS News - Dec 2014
Internet Tops 3,000 Million Users on June, 2014.

IWS News - July 2004
Welcome to the IWS newsletter, popunders are gone,
the top ten Internet languages, the new site web log.

IWS News - January 2005
World population update for 2005; the country physical
size data was added to the statistics information.

IWS News - February 2005
World Economic Forum report; Ten Years of Internet;
monthly drawing and prize to newsletter subscribers.

IWS News - March 2005
Internet markets are maturing; Web audience dynamics;
Web browser statistics, monthly since 2002.

IWS News - April 2005
Internet usage update for first quarter 2005, Google's
hidden funtions include definitions and a calculator.

IWS News - May 2005
New Look for Search Engine Results, Will the Internet
Stop the Printing Presses, Firefox Download Statistics.

IWS News - June 2005
Preview to the Internet usage and population update. Will
Internet Stop the Printed Press?, Firefox Downloads.

IWS News - July 2005
Internet Growth 2000-2005. Will the Internet Close the
Cinemas?, Internet Archive for Old Web Pages and Stats.

IWS News - August 2005
Internet Usage Statistics updates, world regions,
GNI list from the World Bank and other news.

IWS News - September 2005
Internet Statistics 3Q update, New tools from Google,
Online Profits at the Speed of Light ebook.

IWS News - October 2005
Internet usage as of October, 2005, Broadband Growth
in the UK, and Internet in the 11 Baltic Sea Countries.

IWS News - November 2005
Internet usage research, Top 20 Internet countries, 30
most penetrated countries, Top Ten Internet Languages.

IWS News - December 2005
Internet Search Engine Statistics, World Internet Penetration,
Google Local, Windows Live Local, and Google Video Search.

IWS News - January 2006
One Billion Internet Users in the world,
Global English, and the Top Ten Internet Languages.

IWS News - February 2006
e-Commerce Sales in United States and China. The
Ask Jeeves Search Engine lost Jeeves and brings new tools.

IWS News - March 2006
European Business Facts, World Trade Statistics 2005.
New useful search tools here.

IWS News - April 2006
Internet Usage in the European Union (EU25). Hispanics in the
United States demographics. New tools for web market research.

IWS News - May 2006
Internet usage in March, 2006. The 50 x 15 initiative. Newspapers
and Market Research. Bank holidays list. New search tools.

IWS News - June 2006
Web 2.0 Information. Sources of Internet usage data.
Broadband in North America for May, 2006.

IWS News - July 2006
Spanish speakers in the Internet. Blog search tools.

IWS News - August 2006
Internet in the European Union.
Search Engine Rankings for July, 2006.
World Weather information.

IWS News - September 2006
World Internet Usage report as of September, 2006.

IWS News - October 2006
Social Networks in Internet. Statistics as of October, 2006.
Internet Market Research Resources.

IWS News - November 2006
Search Engine Rankings. e-Commerce Forecast for 2006.
The Virtual Handshake.

IWS News - December 2006
Season's Greetings to all our loyal subscribers!

IWS News - January 2007
New 2006 year-end statistics, and Internet growth figures 2006 - 2005.

IWS News - June 2007
G8 countries Internet and population statistics.
A-Stat-A-Day blog featuring daily statistics news.
Recommended websites of the month.

IWS News - July 2007
this Issue features 2007 Second Quarter Stats.
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latest Internet usage news, get July edition by email.

IWS News - January 2008
New Issue in the mail for distribution.
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latest Internet usage news, get July edition by email.

IWS News - January 2009
The Internet Hits 1.5 Billion Users
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latest Internet usage news. Free monthly edition by email.

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IWS Press Release
December 26/2004 - Internet to Reach
the One Billion User Keystone in 2005.

IWS Press Release
October 4/2005 - World Internet Usage for 3Q 2005
Reached 957 Million People.

IWS Press Release
February 18/2008 - Internet ends 2007 with
with 1,319 Million users.


spacerArticles where IWS or its statistics are cited

Marketwire Press Release
February 07/2008 - Viyya Technologies to Create
Strategic Alliance in Europe.

IWS Press Release
October 4/2005 - World Internet Usage for 3Q 2005
Reached 957 Million People.

IWS Press Release
February 8/2008 - Internet World Penetration for 4Q 2007.

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