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India Gross National Income:
GNI per capita is US$ 1,610 (2015) according to the World Bank.

India Broadband Subscribers:
5,280,600 broadband subscribers as of 1Q/2009 per WMRC.

India Map: Map and basic data for India.

Hotels in India: Hotel Bookings in India.

India Search Engines and Directories:

India Search Engines Directory
Indian Search Engines and Directories.

India Profile and Briefings:

BBC India Country Profile
An up to date summary about India.

The Economist India Briefing
Penetrating news articles on India.

India Factbook
India information from the CIA World Factbook.

Doing Business in India Cultural Guide
Information from the Kwintessential Translation Agency in the UK.

India Special Economic Zones
The Special Economic Zones were introduced in 2000 in India for
setting up internationally competitive and hassle free manufacturing
of goods and rendering of services for exports.

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India Internet and Telecommunications Reports

India Telecom, Broadband and Digital Media Report
India continues to be one of the fastest growing major telecom markets in the world. Sweeping reforms introduced by successive Indian governments over the last decade have dramatically changed the nature of telecommunications in the country. The mobile sector has grown from around 10 million subscribers in 2002 to pass the 900 million mark in early 2012. While GSM technology still dominates the mobile market, CDMA has claimed around 25% market share. The mobile industry should continue to boom. Fixed-line services grew strongly for a while but have been experiencing zero and negative growth of late. This report presents the key measures and takes a general look at the market direction. See report executive summary

India Internet Broadcasting and Digital Media Report
India has long had a fascination with television. After years of steady growth, the country has emerged as one of the largest TV markets in the world in terms of viewers. In the last decade the television programming landscape has been totally transformed. India now has one of the largest broadcasting networks in terms of infrastructure. Doordarshan, the Indian National Television Network, reaches more than 90% of the population. But there remains much work to be done as India still has a significant component of the market that is analogue. Transitioning the mass market to digital is a major challenge. There are already rapidly expanding digital segments in the TV market, notably IPTV/Broadband TV and with some digitalisation of the traditional platforms proceeding at a good pace. The type of expansion being witnessed in digital media is expected to continue at an increased rate. See report summary

India Broadband Market Report
India appears to have embraced the Internet with a degree of ambivalence. There is tremendous enthusiasm amongst the dial-up users and an estimated 60% of users regularly access the Internet via the country’s more than 10,000 cybercafes. But when it comes to high-speed broadband access, there is reluctance, especially within the corporate sector, and the take-up rate has been slow. By early 2005 there were about 700,000 broadband subscribers – a penetration of less 0.1%. This report looks at the stage the development of broadband Internet has reached in India. See report summary.

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An overview of the Start and History of Internet Usage in India

The state-owned Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL) launched Internet Services in India in August 1995. For the first four years , VSNL was the sole provider of Internet Services in the Country. In the first years, broadband usage in India was growing 20% per month, according to the Internet Service Providers Association of India (ISPAI). Thanks to the progress in the penetration of ICT and especially, the Broadband Policy announced in 1995, the term “broadband” entered the mass lexicon and most Internet users were aware of faster Internet speeds.

In November 1998, the Government ended VSNL’s monopoly and allowed provisioning of Internet Services by Private Operators. The Terms and Conditions of the ISP’s License were unusually liberal with no License Fee and allowed unlimited number of players. ISPs could set their own tariffs and even their own International Gateways.

Women lead the rural Internet rush in India. In year 2004 the Internet was having a revolutionary effect on the 700 million people who lived in villages in India - and the change was led by women. A project set up by one of India's leading technology institutes put women in charge of forging the way across the digital divide as the proprietors of a fast-growing number of internet cafes or kiosks around the sub-continent. In total 80% of these new kiosks were run by women, many of whom have had very little or no acquaintance with technology before. See BBC News.

India Internet usage surges

February 17, 2006 - Internet adoption continues to grow in India. According to the Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) the low cost of broadband has helped increase Internet usage. E-commerce and high demand for .in domain registrations are also factors for the increase in online users. The ".in" domain registrations surpassed 150,000.

Broadband policy and other initiatives by the IT and Telecom Ministry encourage increased adoption. A monthly broadband subscription costs as little as 199 rupees (US $4.50). A second factor is the IT Telecom Ministry initiative to make computers available for purchase under 10,000 rupees (US $226). In addition to working with hardware manufacturers to remove the financial barrier for households in India, the organization continues to push development of language fonts to remove language and localization of content issues.

According to IAMAI, a trade association representing the online content and advertising, e-commerce and mobile content and advertising industry, Indians go online for a number of activities including e-mail and IM (98 percent); job search (51 percent); banking (32 percent); bill payment (18 percent); stock trading (15 percent); and matrimonial search (15 percent).

An Update Survey of Internet usage in India

According to a release dated September 19, 2006, the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and IMRB International, Internet users in India have reached 37 million in the month of September 2006, up from 33 million in March 2006. During the same period the number of "active users" has risen from 21.1 Million in March 2006 to 25 Million in September 2006. "Active User" is an internationally accepted and widely used category to define users who have used the internet at least one in the last 30 days.

The numbers are a result of the largest "offline" survey so far carried out in India to estimate the "ever user" and "active user" categories. The primary survey for the study was conducted in early 2006 amongst 16,500 households covering 65,000 individuals across 26 major metros and small towns in India, with additional coverage of 10,000 business and 250 cyber café owners. The survey did not include rural areas.

In November 2013,

IWS considers that the number of Internet users in India is now 150,000,000 to give credit to surveys and field work performed till December 31, 2013.
See IAMAI news for India ICT.

In the coming years (2016-2020), Internet users in India will increase substantially due to several reasons.
See the Assocham Study: India's Internet population likely to touch 600 million by 2020.

Click on this link to see more Asia Telecommunications Reports. New statistics, figures, overviews and updates become available all the time.

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