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Internet Usage Stats and Marketing Report

Internet Usage Statistics:
21,090,777 Internet users as of June/2016, 68.1% of the population, according toITU.

Latest Population Estimate:
30,949,962 population for 2016, according toUS Census Bureau.

Gross National Income:
GNI per capita is US$ 10,660 (2015) according to theWorld Bank.

Country Area:
329,758 sq km - Population density is 83 per sq km.

Internet Usage and Population Growth:

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Malaysia Internet Subscribers Keep Growing

February 9, 2014 KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- The number of the Internet subscribers in Malaysia is expected to reach the 25 million mark in the next three years according to The Economic Report 2013/2014 that was released last year. This representas approximately a 23% increase over the 18 million estimated subscribers for year 2012.

This Internet penetration rate growth has opened opportunities and interest for Malayan businesses to have online presence as part of their marketing strategy. In 2004 the number of subscribers was 2.9 million, in 2005 it increased to 3.5 million subscribers, and in 2006 the number of subscribers in Malaysia was close to five million. This encouraging growth trend has continued, and most of the Internet subscribers were eyeing for high speed broadband infrastructure in the near future.

For example, the retail industry has seen such changes. Some retailers have now an online presence online to reach out to a wider market and sell more products both locally in Malaysia and also abroad. One excellent example is Zalora Malaysia a large online fashion store, which has seen a tremendous growth since its official launch in March 2012.

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Malaysia Search Engines and Local Directories



Malaysia Open Directory Project



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Malay and English

Google, Malaysian search engine. Site in Malay.



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Malaysian directory and search engine.



Search Engine Directory for Malaysia.



Malaysian Yellow Pages. Also searches white pages, government, and embassies.



Directory of Malaysian search engines. It Features the links for sending your URL.

Telecommunications and Internet in Malaysia:

Malaysia Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Forecasts
Report provides a comprehensive overview of the trends and developments in the telecommunications and digital media markets in Malaysia. Subjects covered include: key statistics, telecom industry overview, regulatory environment, mayor players, and much more.
Read the complete executive summary here.

Malaysia Broadband Market and Forecasts
Malaysia continues to heavily promote itself as an Information Technology hub in the Asia region. Whilst there had been a good response at a corporate level, for some time the wider community was not really embracing technology. In relative terms, there had been a surprisingly low interest in broadband internet. The fixed broadband penetration was around 8% of the population by mid-2013. The widespread adoption of mobile wireless broadband services that has significantly changed the size of the broadband market. Wireless broadband in its different forms is being widely offered by the operators as they increase the capability of their networks. Another major push towards wider broadband adoption has been prompted by Telekom Malaysia's roll-out of its fibre-based High-Speed Broadband (HSBB) network.
Read more.

Malaysia Key Statistics, Telecommunications Market Overview and Forecasts
There has been strong growth in Malaysia’s telecommunications sector over the last decade, but the growth has not been consistent across the sector. The number of fixed-line services, after growing rapidly at first, had been relatively static for around ten years; then we saw clear evidence of a shrinking subscriber base. The mobile market by contrast has been more spectacular, racing to more than 40 million subscribers by early 2013, a penetration of over 140% and up from just 6 million subscribers in 2000. After starting off slowly, broadband internet has been expanding strongly in recent years and by mid-2013 had reached a remarkable 67% household penetration.
Read more.

Malaysia Major Telecommunications Operators
The changing landscape of the Malaysian telecom market has over time witnessed the restructuring of all the main players. The government has been a strong supporter of the rationalisation of what had been seen as an overcrowded operator market at times, this concern referring specifically to the mobile segment. A particularly significant merger between Telekom and Celcom took place early on, creating a lot of interest. At the same time, but with less fanfare, Maxis acquired Time dotCom's mobile unit. These changes resulted in the number of mobile operators being effectively reduced from five to three.
Read more here.

Click on this link to see the latest Asia Telecommunications Reports. New statistics, figures, overviews and updates become available all the time.

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