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Internet Usage Stats and Marketing Report

Internet Usage Statistics:
30,802,752 Internet users as of February/2012, 34.0% of the population, according to VNNIC.

Latest Population Estimate:
90,549,390 population for 2011, according to US Census Bureau.

Gross National Income:
GNI per capita is US$ 2,760 (2010) according to the World Bank.

Vietnam Country Area:
332,378 sq km - Population density is 273 persons per sq km

Internet Usage and Population Statistics:




% Pop.

Usage Source




0.3 %



12.8 %




19.7 %

VNNIC - July/07




24.0 %

VNNIC - Nov./08




25.7 %

VNNIC - Dec./09




34.0 %

VNNIC - Feb./12

Country Profile:

Vietnam, officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, is a communist state in Southeast Asia. Situated in eastern Indochina—bordering China, Laos, Cambodia, as well as the South China Sea. It is the most populous country among the mainland Southeast Asian countries. In 1986, the Sixth Party Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam formally abandoned its centralized planned economy and began introducing market elements as part of a broad economic reform package called "Renovation". In many ways, this followed the Chinese model and achieved similar results. On one hand, Vietnam achieved around 8% annual GDP growth from 1990 to 1997 and continued at around 7% from 2000 to 2002, making it the second-fastest growing economy in the world.

Vietnam Search Engines and Directories:

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Overview of Internet in Vietnam:

The Vietnamese government has announced plans to increase the country’s Internet penetration to 35% by 2010, according to a report by news agency AFP dated February 20, 2006. The country, which currently has around ten million internet users, equating to a penetration rate of 12%, will inject VND100.5 trillion (USD6.3 billion) into the internet market by 2010 in order to meet its target. It expects the telecoms sector to generate revenues of up to VND55 trillion (USD3.5 billion) per annum in the same period.

The Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) is a not-for-profit affiliation to the Ministry of Posts & Telematics (MPT), established on February 28th, 2000 to carry out the functions of managing, allocating, supervising and promoting the use of Internet domain names, addresses, and autonomous system number (ASN) in Vietnam; providing Internet-related guidance, statistics; and joining international activities on Internet.

The Internet Penetration Rate in Vietnam reached 16% as of June 2006, higher than the average global usage rate (15.7%), reported the HCM City’s Computer Association. High demand is driving the development of the Internet, with the number of subscribers and users increasing 86% and 80% respectively over last year. Now fully halfway through 2006, the number of Internet users hit 13,000,000; nearly 6,000,000 more than the same period of last year.

A recent report by market research company TNS has identified the 10 top consumer trends in the last decade and their impact on the country. The report says the Vietnamese are spending far more than ever before on entertainment, high-tech consumer goods, and health and beauty products. These trends, among others, follow the major societal and economic transformations that have taken place in Vietnam in the last 10 years. Among the Top 10 trends, TNS found the following:

1 - Health and Well-being: Vietnamese have a holistic notion of health, seeing it as an essential feature of their lives. The desire to provide more comfort and quality for one's family has driven the trend toward a healthier diet and new product choices.

2 - Fashion and Beauty: Ten years ago, fewer than 10 per cent of Vietnamese women wore make-up regularly, but today nearly 80 per cent do so.

3 - Personal hygiene and care has become one of the largest industries in and continues to expand.

4 - Growth is being driven heavily by females who have healthy incomes, more help with family responsibilities, and newfound personal and professional freedom.

5 - Many women are in the forefront of decision-making and are having a huge impact on society - as providers at home, as leaders in the boardroom, and as reformers in the stateroom.

Source: Vietnam Net Bridge.

Internet News from Vietnam:

HA NOI January, 2007 - The Viet Nam Data Comunication Company (VDC) reported 140,061 new subscribers to its MegaVNN Internet services last year, 200 per cent over its target. The new subscribers increased VDC's market share in broadband internet market to 46 per cent.

HCM City January, 2007 – The US software giant Microsoft will establish its first information technology training center at the Post and Telecommunication Technologies Institute in Ha Noi. Under a recent five-year Memorandum of Understanding, the center will train students from the Institute to use Microsoft's certificate system while fostering lecturers and students IT skills. The center comes as part of Microsoft's commitment to help develop Viet Nam's post and telematics sector.

HCM City January, 2007 – "Computer doctors" can now attend "medical school" at Nguyen Hoang Informatics newly opened iSPACE training centre for computer technicians. The iSPACE center, which receives technical support from the University of Information Technology, opened its doors this month. Participants can pay VND3.6 million (US$225) for a 6-month hardware course and VND6.9 million ($430) for an 8-month course in network security.

Source: Info Bytes - Vietnam News.

Vietnam Internet and Telecommunications Reports

Vietnam - Broadband Market Overview and Statistics Report
Having come late to the Internet, Vietnam is only now starting to explore the possibilities to be found in higher Internet access speeds. The initial roll-out of some broadband services has been followed by a strong surge in growth, but broadband remains on a relatively small scale and in need of a stronger market focus by the providers. Given that there are signs of an increasingly Internet savvy population, it will be interesting to see how services such as WiFi take off. This report looks at data services in Vietnam and the early developments of broadband in the country, as well as the embryonic e-commerce market. Interestingly, the government has been particularly active in the development of cyber laws. Get report summary.

Vietnam Key Statistics, Telecommunications Market and Regulatory Overview
Vietnam initially fell well short of the ambitious targets it set for the wider expansion of its telecommunications infrastructure. However, after reviewing its approach and introducing some competition into the market, it started to build fresh growth momentum. The mobile market has been especially dynamic, Internet is now certainly on the move, and broadband Internet services are taking off at last. The continuing government involvement in the telecom sector, however, still raises major questions about its commitment to deregulation and liberalisation. This report presents a set of the most currently available statistics and provides a general overview of country’s telecommunications sector. Get report summary.

Vietnam Telecommunications - Infrastructure and Major Players
This report looks at a key aspect of Vietnam’s telecommunications sector - progress in the development of the country’s telecom infrastructure. The Socialist Republic of Vietnam continues to grapple with its transition from a centrally planned economy to an economy based on the open market model. Its effort to preserve a substantial role for the state in telecommunications has been holding back the rate of change in the regulation of the sector. As a result, the country has not been able to consistently present an attractive market to foreign investors. This, in turn, has had a negative impact on its ability to develop infrastructure. This report also looks at the major telecom players in the country. Get report summary.

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