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Internet Usage Statistics:
2,280,000 Internet users as of June, 2012;
16.2% of the population, according to ITU.

The Republic of Guatemala is a country in Central America bordered by Mexico to the northwest, the Pacific Ocean to the southwest, Belize and the Caribbean Sea to the northeast, and Honduras and El Salvador to the southeast. It is the most populous nation in Central America. Guatemala is a representative democracy with its capital at Guatemala City.

Latest Population Estimate:
14,099,032 is the population estimate for 2012, according to US Census Bureau.

Latest Country GNI Estimate:
GNI per capita was US$ 3,120 for 2012, according to the World Bank.

Country Area (Size):
108,894 sq km - Population density: 129 persons per sq km

Internet Usage and Population Growth:




% Penet.

Usage Source




0.6 %





6.1 %





10.2 %





16.2 %


Guatemala Search Engines:

Guatemala Search Engines.

Guatemala Profiles:

BBC Profile for Guatemala

CIA Profile for Guatemala

Guatemala Profile in Wikipedia

Guatemala travel guide from Wikitravel

Telecommunications Report for Guatemala

While telecom infrastructure in Guatemala is fairly modern in the main urban centres, rural telephony remains inadequate and antiquated, though a lot better that prior to the 1996 liberalisation of the telecom market. With a high percentage of the population living in rural areas, the country’s fixed-line teledensity is at the low end of the scale for Latin America. Though also not high by Latin American standards, mobile telephony has been a fast growing market, helped along by one of the most liberal radio spectrum regulatory models in the world. Mobile phones overtook fixed lines in 2001, and are now more than double the number of fixed lines in service. This report provides an overview of the country’s telecom sector accompanied by relevant statistics, and brief profiles of the main operators. Get this report now.

Recommended Telecom Market Reports on Latin America:

Telecommunications, Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband in Latin America
This report provides a comprehensive overview of telecommunications in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), a region that includes some of the world's most important emerging markets. Most telecom markets in the LAC region have been both privatised and liberalised. Those that are still monopolies are striving towards an open market, but the privatisation trend has been reversed. Two countries (Venezuela and Bolivia) have renationalised their telecom incumbents, while other countries (Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Paraguay, Suriname, and Uruguay), where the main telcos are still state-owned, are showing no interest in selling it to the private market.
See table of content and the executive summary here.

Click on this link to see the latest Telecommunications Market Reports for Central America. More statistics, figures and updates become available all the time.

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