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Internet usage data and links to Bermuda, Canada, Greenland,
Saint Pierre et Miquelon, and the United States of America

spacerLinks to Northern America - 5 Countries and Regions

spacer370,322,393 estimated population for Northern America in 2021.

spacer347,916,627 Internet users and 93.9% penetration rate for June/2021

spacer264,153,100 Facebook subscribers in Mar/2021, 71.3% penetration rate.

Americas Internet Usage and Population Statistics

Central America and Mexico Page

South America Page

The Caribbean Page

Map of North America

North America Telecommunications Reports

spacerBermuda_flag BERMUDA (UK)

spacerBM - 62,090 Population (2021) - Area: 53 sq km (20.6 sq miles)

spacerCapital City: Hamilton - population 1,012 (2020)

spacer61,969 Internet users in Jan/2021, 99.8% of the population, per IWS.

spacer43,900 Facebook users on Mar/2021, 70.7% penetration rate.

spacerLocal Time and Weather in Hamilton, Bermuda

Bermuda Telecommunications Report
Caribbean Telecom Markets, Anguilla to Bermuda.

Bermuda Internet and Broadband Usage Reports

Bermuda Search Engines

Bermuda Directory

Bermuda Yellow Pages

spacerCanada C A N A D A

spacerCA - 38,067,903 Population (2021) - Area: 9,976,137 sq km (3,850,789 sq miles)

spacerCapital City: Ottawa - population 1,393,086 (2020)

spacer35,477,625 Internet users in Jan/2021, 93.2% of the population, per IWS.

spacer26,160,000 Facebook subscribers in Mar/2021, 68.7% penetration rate.

spacerLocal Time and Weather in Ottawa, Canada

Canada Telecommunications Report
Canada Fixed Broadband, statistics and analyses.

Canada Internet Usage, Population and Broadband Reports

Canada Atlas
Canada maps and facts.

Canadian Statistics
Statistics Canada is the national statistical office.

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spacerGreenlandia_flag GREENLAND (DK)

spacerGL - 56,877 Population (2021) - Area: 2,175,600 sq km ( 839,782 sq miles)

spacerCapital City: Nuuk - population 17,984 (2019)

spacer52,000 Internet users in Jan/2021, 91.4% of the population, per IWS.

spacer44,300 Facebook subscribers in Mar/2021, 77.9% penetration rate.

spacerLocal Time and Weather in Nuuk, Greenland

Greenland Map
Map of Greenland and basic data.

Greenland Internet and Population Report
Greenland Internet Usage and Market Report

spacerSaint_Pierre_flag SAINT PIERRE and MIQUELON (FR)

spacerPM - 5,766 Population (2021) - Area: 242 sq km ( 93.4 sq miles)

spacerCapital City: Saint-Pierre - population 5,415 (2015)

spacer5,033 Internet users in Jan/2021, 87.3% of the population, per IWS.

spacer4,900 Facebook subscribers in Mar/2021, 85.0% penetration rate.

spacerLocal Time and Weather in Saint Pierre and Miquelon

Saint Pierre and Miquelon
History and data of St. Pierre and Miquelon.

Saint Pierre and Miquelon
A brief profile of Saint Pierre and Miquelon by the BBC.

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spacerUnited_States_flag UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

spacerUS - 332,129,757 Population (2021) - Area: 9,629,047 km2 (3,717,812.8 sq mi)

spacerCapital City: Washington D.C. - population 692,683 (2019)

spacer312,320,000 Internet users in Mar/2021, 94.0% penetration, per IWS.

spacer237,900,000 Facebook subscribers in Mar/2021, 71.6% penetration rate.

spacerLocal Time and Weather in Washington D.C., United States

USA Telecommunications Report
USA Mobile Infrastructure, Broadband, Operators, Statistics and Analyses.

United States Internet Usage and Broadband Telecoms Reports

United States of America
State by State US Internet users and penetration.

United States Department of State
U.S. Department of State Official Web Site.

Internet Access in America
Pew Research Center Report on Internet Access 2000 - 2015
in the United States, showing several key trends.

Local Search Engines and USA Directories

Corporate Information
Directory with over 350,000 companies.
Including international companies.

Search and information resource for the USA.

All Pages Yellow Pages provides business listings (name, address,
phone, fax) for all business categories in the USA.

North America

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