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Number 024 - November, 2006

The Virtual Handshake

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2007 is very near. Time goes by real fast in the Internet era. The Internet has empowered us to fly. And fly we do. With dial-up we surfed, today with broadband we fly.

A few decades ago things were so very slow. First the snail-mail, then the telegraph, the telex, then the fax, and now the Internet. The object of all those innovations was to "save" us time.

Now we "save" more time with the Internet, however we, the Internet Users, are busier than ever. Why is that? It is a very good question. I think that it is because the Internet has expanded our reach and our boundaries.

The number of our potential friends and acquaintances has increased with the help of online social networks. At the same time, the online business networks have greatly expanded our business opportunities and possibilities. Today we can get in contact with almost anybody, anywhere, fast and economically. e-Learning has also increased the educational possibilities and knowledge resources for all the people that go online.

We are indeed privileged people to be living in this period of time in human history, the time when men and women started to fly. A radical change in lifestyles, a giant step in human evolution.

Citing Charles Darwin (1809-1882), in the struggle for life, "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but rather the one most responsive to change." In my opinion, Internet Users are a new, evolved human species, with a far greater advantage for survival in comparison with the world offline population.

Search Engine Rankings

comScore has reported that North Americans conducted 6.8 billion searches online in October 2006, up 3 percent versus September. Annual growth rates in search query volume remained strong with a 33-percent increase versus the year 2005.

The search engine rankings for October 2006 are:
- Google Sites lead the pack with 3.1 billion search queries in October,
- Yahoo Sites are second with 1.9 billion queries,
- MSN-Microsoft is third with 796 million queries,
- Ask Network is next with 392 million queries, and
- Time Warner Network is fifth with 366 million queries.
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e-Commerce 2006 Forecast

Online consumer spending in the United States during the first three weeks of November is up 23% over the same period last year, according to a new report by comScore Networks.

comScore research for the non-travel online spending from Nov. 1 to Nov. 19 reached $6.35 billion, up from $5.18 billion in 2005. comScore also reaffirmed its prediction that online holiday spending from Nov. 1 to Dec. 31 will top $24 billion, marking a 24% increase over the 2005 holiday season. comScore expects Thanksgiving weekend to show a similar increase, with spending hitting $1.1 billion from Thursday to Sunday--up from $924 million over the same period last year. Black Friday 2006, known for being one of the busier offline consumer shopping days of the year, confirmed particularly high online sales with $434 million spent, up 42 percent versus last year.

e-Commerce 2006 Forecast for United States
(in billions of USD)




Change (%)

January - October

$ 62.6

$ 77.5


Holiday Season - (Nov - Dec)

$ 19.6

$ 24.3


Total for Year 2006

$ 82.2

$ 101.8


Source: comScore Networks 2006 e-Commerce Forecast, November 26, 2006. Online Non-Travel Holiday Consumer Spending. Excludes Auctions and Large Corporate Purchases.

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The Virtual Handshake

This is the title of a book that shows you how to close deals with the right people, faster and with less effort. It is probably the best how-to manual for online business networking. If you want to sell to more clients, raise capital, find new business partners, recruit star employees, or even look for a new job: Let The Virtual Handshake be your guide.

The Internet offers powerful tools to help you find the right people, connect with them, and close deals with them quickly and cost-effectively. For this, you need to use the new generation of "Web 2.0 technologies": blogs,
Social Networks sites, virtual communities, and all the rest of the new tools available.

Hurry, you might be able to download a free copy of this 287 page new book, The Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online. Visit the website and follow the instructions. So go there now and follow instructions for your free copy of
The Virtual Handshake.

Finally, a rather disturbing fact. New research indicates that the number of Internet users in India had been overstated by our information source. The correct data for India is included in the following report
India Internet usage.

Today's online population estimate is
1,076 million users.

That's all for now. Best regards to all our readers.

Enrique de Argaez, MBA, PE
editor and webmaster
Internet Marketing Research

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