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Number 012 - November, 2005

Internet Usage Research

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Internet World Stats newsletter is proud to present an important update regarding Internet statistics on world usage and top languages.

First off, access continues to grow worldwide. There are over 972 million Internet users as of November 20, 2005. This figure brings us closer to the Keystone Target of one billion Internet users for 2005 year end. Below is information on the current Top 20 countries.

Secondly, the list of countries or regions with over 50% penetration rate has grown to 30. In this newsletter we let subscribers know about this update and where to find the information at the IWS web site.

Thirdly, and in order to close this issue with more original research, the list of the top languages in the Internet has been updated and the data display arranged in a more convenient way.

So, without more ado, read this newsletter and be the first to know the latest documented Internet statistics.

Top 20 Internet Countries
Global Internet usage as of November 21/05 is estimated at 972,828,001 by Internet World Stats , equivalent to 15.2% of the world population. This figure takes us closer to the one billion forecasted for the end of 2005.

The statistics for the Top 20 Countries of the World in Internet Usage have remained fairly consistent for this year. These stats show that the top twenty countries account for the 79% of Internet Usage in the World. The other 221 countries and territories account for only 21% of world usage. It seems like the
Pareto Principle also holds true for the Internet. See the stats here.

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Top Internet Penetration
Global Internet Penetration is currently estimated at 15.2%. Some world regions, however, show higher usage rates than others. The IWS web site displays the penetration stats for the 30 Top countries and/or regions of the world where Internet Penetration is 50% or higher.

Many islands, and remote territories, are among the most Internet penetrated regions of the world. This is another of the great benefits that the Internet has brought to the world: Globalization, bringing the world closer together with worldwide integration of humanity and the compression of both the temporal and spatial dimensions of planet wide human interaction.
See the stats.

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Internet Top Languages
In our concept, the only barrier to full Internet Globalization and the elimination of the Digital Divide is the language barrier. This is indeed an obstacle that is difficult to overcome. The Internet Language Divide is summarized in this IWS web page.

This is original Internet Usage research and shows that the 10 main languages account for 79.8% of all worldwide Internet Usage. Again we see an example of the Pareto Principle, an amazing coincidence.
See the language stats here

Please take note that below the language statistics you will find useful links to free translation tools. These are a great help towards Internet globalization.

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Thanks for reading our newsletter.

Kind regards,

Enrique de Argaez,
editor and webmaster

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