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Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, the sixth most populous, and the seventh country in Internet usage. It is very large and makes up half of South America. Forests cover 65% of its territory and includes the world's largest tropical rain forest in the Amazon River basin. The Amazon River is the world's largest. Brazil is south of the equator and has mostly a tropical climate. Portuguese is the official language.

Brazil is a federal republic consisting of twenty-six states, and one federal district (Brasilia, the capital). Each state is technically autonomous, with a legislative body and an elected governor. Voting is universal and compulsory for ages eighteen to seventy. The presidential term is five years.

Internet Usage Statistics:
149,057,635 Internet users in June, 2019, 70.2% of the population, according to IWS.

Brazil Facebook Subscribers:
111,000,000 Facebook subscribers in Dec, 2018, 52.5% of the population, according to Facebook.
Latest Population Estimate:
212,392,717 population for 2019, according to the IBGE.

Gross National Income:
GNI per capita is US$ 12,300 (2018) according to World Bank

Brazil Country Area and Maps:
8,544,418 sq km - see Brazil maps.

Brazilian Statistics and Links:
The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics - IBGE.

Internet Growth and Population Statistics:



Internet Users

% Pen.

GNI p.c.

Usage Source




2.9 %

$ 3,570





14.1 %

$ 3,460





17.2 %

$ 3,460

I. T. U.




22.8 %

$ 4,730

I. T. U.




34.4 %

$ 5,910

I. T. U.




45.6 %

$ 10,720





57.6 %

$ 11,760





67.5 %

$ 11,760





65.9 %

$ 9,850





65.9 %

$ 9,850





70.2 %

$ 9,850


Note: GNI is Gross National Income per capita, and corresponds to
World Bank data in US dollars.

Search Engines and Directories:
Search Engines in Brazil.

Brazilian Internet Usage, Broadband and Telecommunications Market Reports

Brazil - Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Digital Media
The Brazilian fixed-line market in recent years has been adversely affected by consumers substituting services for mobile and VoIP solutions. The number of fixed lines continues to fall slowly, despite gains in the VoIP sector. Internet connectivity in Brazil is provided by a number of submarine cables to the USA, Central and South America, Africa and the Caribbean.
Report Summary

Brazil - Digital Economy and Digital Media Statistics and Analyses
Brazil's digital media market is the largest in Latin America. In recent years the main operators have successfully developed quad-play services incorporating fixed line and mobile voice and data services as well as broadband and TV offerings. There is considerable room for further growth, which has encouraged investors such as AT&T to gain a foothold in the market. This activity was also stimulated by the pay TV law of 2011 which removed restrictions on foreign investment and on telcos being able to provide pay TV services alongside broadcasters.
Report Summary

Brazil - Fixed Broadband Market, Statistics and Analyses
Brazil has one of the largest broadband markets in Latin America, though broadband penetration is only slightly above the Latin American average, trailing behind neighbouring Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay.
Report Summary

Brazil - Mobile Infrastructure, Broadband Operators, Statistics and Analyses
Brazil has one of the largest mobile markets in Latin America, with four major mobile operators offering a range of voice and data services. All four operators have secured spectrum in the 2.5GHz band with which they are expanding their LTE networks and so capitalising on consumer demand for mobile data services.
Report Summary

Brazil - Telecoms, Infrastructure, Operators, Regulations, Statistics and Analyses
The Brazilian fixed-line market has been adversely affected by consumers substituting services for mobile and VoIP solutions. Teledensity, at about 20%, is slightly higher than average for Latin America but less than half the rate found in other advanced economies. Report Summary

Brazil Country Profile:

Brazil Profile by the BBC

World Bank News on Brazil

CIA Factbook on Brazil

Brazil - The Economist
Brazil country briefings from The Economist.

Wikipedia about Brazil
History, politics, geography, economy and demographics of Brasil.

World Bank Data - Brazil
Statistics and data about economy in Brazil.

Brazil Internet Usage

Brazil has one of the largest broadband markets in Latin America, though broadband penetration is only slightly above the Latin American average, trailing behind neighbouring Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay. Substantial investments and regulatory reforms were implemented before the FIFA World Cup was held in 2014 and again before the 2016 Olympic Games.

The Games stimulated investment in infrastructure, though the chief beneficiaries were the host cities rather than the country at large. Another major development is the construction of new submarine cable networks, including the Atlantic Cable System (ACSea), linking Brazil with the USA, Europe, Africa, and several Latin American countries, as well as the 2,500km Malbec cable which will link Rio De Janeiro with Buenos Aires.

Oi is the leading broadband network operator, closely followed by Net and Vivo. Oi and Vivo provide services via DSL while Net is principally a cable broadband provider. The fibre segment has shown the strongest growth during the last two years, reflecting efforts among providers to extend their networks. Telefonica in particular has an extensive investment program and is exploiting its experience in developing fibre infrastructure in Spain.

Key developments: - Government approves an additional R$15.1 billion for National Broadband Plan; - Oi to invest R$24 billion through to 2019 in LTE and fibre infrastructure; - Net Servicios launches a 500Mb/s service for the residential market; - More operators launch FttP services; - Brazilian e-commerce sales show strong growth.

Keep tuned to the Latin American Telecommunications Reports.New statistics, figures and updates become available all the time.

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