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New Zealand
Internet Usage Stats and Telecom Reports

Internet Usage Statistics:
3,810,144 Internet users as of June/2012, 86.0% of the population, according to AUT.

Latest Population Estimate:
4,430,400 population for 2012, according to Statistics New Zealand.

Gross National Income:
GNI per capita is US$ 20,310 ('05) according to World Bank.

Country Size (Area):
New Zealand has 270,534 sq km - Population density is 16 persons per sq km.

Internet Usage and Population Statistics:




% Pop.

Usage Source




22.2 %





51.2 %





74.9 %





86.0 %


New Zealand Official Statistics Page
National Statistical Office.

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New Zealand Telecommunications Market Reports

New Zealand Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Forecasts
The New Zealand telecoms market is now a dynamic market as the reforms that have been occurring over the past years are taking effect for the benefit of the end-users and the competing operators. In late 2011 Telecom New Zealand, the incumbent operator, was split in two so as the ultra-fibre network could be deployed by the demerged network access entity Chorus. Chorus now becomes the provider of fixed-line access and telecommunications infrastructure. Read the report summary here.

New Zealand Mobile Communications, Statistics, Analysis and Major Operators Report

New Zealand Telecoms Market Forecasts 2015 - 2020

Insight into Asia Pacific Telcos and Key Statistics

New Zealand Internet Usage and Broadband Status

Internet access

Three-quarters of New Zealanders have access to the internet at home or at work. That represents a rise of 29 points from 48% in February 2000 to 77% in November, 2004, according to the latest NBR-Phillips Fox poll. Among those who have access, nearly 60% use the internet at least once a day.

But despite the higher numbers, the amount of business New Zealanders conduct over the internet is static. Data security and ensuring the safety of commercially sensitive information are among the concerns involved around internet-based business. Online share trading remains at virtually nil, with little change from September 2002.

Internet users appear to be taking heed of music industry warnings and downloading less music, a five-point dip from September 2002's 24% of respondents. But Kiwis are buying more books ­ over the past three months, 14% of respondents had bought a book online, up six points from 2002.

Surprisingly, an area that also remains static is online grocery shopping, floating around the 3% mark. Supermarkets attribute this to the fact people like to pick their own groceries, and ­ the main concern of internet shopping ­ the hesitancy to enter credit card details online.

Increased broadband access in remote areas has seen rural communities going online with greater ease than ever before. However, according to the Ministry of Economic Development (MED) broadband users in New Zealand were paying significantly more for access than in other OECD countries. The report ­ looking at the cost of broadband internet, fixed-line and mobile telephone calls ­ revealed New Zealand businesses pay 160% above the OECD average for medium data users and 80% more than low data users.

New Zealand compares well in terms of broadband access availability compared to other OECD countries. And it is still improving ­ Woosh announced the launch of four new transmission sites in Auckland in November, 2004. The wireless internet company said the new sites ­ two of which are in Manukau ­ will incorporate another 15,000 households and businesses into its coverage area.

Source: UMR Research The UMR Research omnibus is a telephone survey of a nationally representative sample of 750 New Zealanders aged 18 or older. Fieldwork was conducted from November 4-8 at UMR Research's national interview facility in Auckland. The margin of error for a 50% figure at the "95% confidence level" is ±3.6%.

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Structure of the internet in New Zealand, domain
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More New Zealand News:

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Keep tuned to the Telecommunications Industry Reports. New statistics, figures and updates become available all the time.

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