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New Internet Country Rankings

The list of Top 20 Internet Countries in the world has been shuffled. China is now in first position with 253 million Internet users according to CNNIC and Internet World Stats.

Bogota, July 31, 2008 -- Market research website Internet World Stats has reported today that the top 20 countries in Internet now account for 76.0 percent of the Internet users universe. Together, these twenty nations represent 1,109,213,572 people. Total Internet users for June 30, 2008 are estimated to be 1,458,632,361 persons worldwide.

Another interesting conclusion from this study is that the balance of Internet users, approximately 349,418,789 persons, come from 251 different countries and territories. These figures, once again, prove that the Pareto Principle holds true in the Internet.

The list of the Top Twenty Countries in Internet has remained fairly stable in the last few years. This hold specially true for the top positions. The United Stats of America had maintained the first position as the leading Internet country because it had the largest number of Internet users. As of June 30, 2008 the USA was displaced by China, who reports 253 million users. The USA with its 220 million users now occupies the second place in the list.

The size of a country's total population will ultimately determine its posibilities of occupying the top spots of the list, and of remaining there. Countries currently with high Internet penetration rates will show less possibilities of increasing their ranking in the Top Twenty List, naturally.

Any changes in the list will probably occur among the countries in the last positions and already with high penetration. It is worth mentioning that three countries in the list are considered to apply censorship to the Internet. Curiously, this situation has not restrained them from participating in the list of the 20 largest Internet countries.

"Due to the huge population size of China", comments Enrique De Argaez, the author of this study, "this great nation will continue to dominate in the future the top position as the largest Internet country. The only possible contender would be India. However, in my opinion, high economic development will keep China in the top Internet spot for many years. The United States of America also will continue to be the second largest Internet nation for many, many years."

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Enrique de Argaez
editor and webmaster
Miniwatts Marketing Group
Bogota, Colombia

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