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Top Ten Languages in the Internet

Top language positions and rankings remain stable in this year´s list of the top ten Internet languages. The top ten languages now represent 84.8% of the Internet total users universe.

Bogota, May 25, 2008 -- Market research website Internet World Stats has classified the current 1,407,724,920 Internet users universe according to the top languages spoken by users for 1Q 2008. The study released today features the top ten languages spoken by Internet users.

One interesting conclusion from the study is that the top three languages in the list - English, Chinese Mandarin and Spanish - now represent 55.6% of the Internet users total universe.

English continues at the top of the list and confirms its position as the leading global language. Second place is for Chinese Mandarin, the language spoken by nearly twenty percent of the world´s population. The third spot corresponds to Spanish, the official language spoken in 22 nations. Spanish is also the top foreign language studied in the United States.

Japanese, French and German occupy the fourth, fifth, and sixth positions. These are of course very important languages and all have high Internet penetration by native speakers.

Arabic is in the seventh place in the Internet. It should be pointed out that the number of Internet users in the Arab countries has been growing at a fast pace lately. Correspondingly, Arabic is now among the top ten Internet languages.

Portuguese, Korean, and Italian occupy the eight, ninth and tenth places. Korean and Italian language permanence in the Top Ten Internet Language List will probably be challenged by other languages in the future.

"The language spoken by an Internet user", states Enrique De Argaez, the author of this study, "is linked with cultural values, basic education, and other demographic factors that affect the way a potential consumer behaves and reacts to a web page regarding its content, design and graphics."

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Enrique de Argaez
editor and webmaster
Miniwatts Marketing Group
Bogota, Colombia

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