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Internet Ten-fold Growth in Ten Years

First Quarter 2008 estimates indicate that 1,407,724,920 people in the world use the Internet. Substantial Internet growth in last ten years.

Bogota, May 15, 2008 -- Internet World Stats released today consolidated figures showing that Internet usage continues to increase in all the world regions. Internet growth has been ten-fold in the last ten years, from the approximately 147 million Internet users reported for year-end 1998 to the current 1,407 million users in 1Q 2008.

World Internet penetration rate is now 21.1%, based on a 2008 population estimate of 6,676,120,288. This means that today one out of every five people in the planet uses the Internet. The following is the distribution of Internet users by geographical regions today.

Asia has the largest population of Internet users, currently at 529,701,704 and the largest potential for growth. Future Internet growth will be substantial in Asia considering the current low penetration rate of 14.0%. Following in size is Europe with 382,005,271 Internet users, where the penetration rate is high, currently at 47.7%.

North America, mainly Canada and the United States, represent the third largest group of Internet users in the world with 246,402,574 people. The Internet penetration rate in that region is the highest in the world with 73.1%. Another region with very high Internet penetration rate is Oceania, mainly Australia and New Zealand, with 57.0% and 19,353,462 users.

Latin America and the Caribbean house the fourth largest group of Internet users, currently numbering 137,300,309 and growing at a fast rate. Internet penetration is 23.8% in this region.

The smallest Internet usage regions in the world are Africa with 51,022,400 and the Middle East with 41,939,200 people. Although current Internet penetration rates are low, both regions have exhibited substantial Internet growth rates in the last few years.

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