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Internet International Users to Surpass the One Billion Milestone in 2005

December 26, 2004 -- Internet World Stats today announced that the number of Internet users will reach a new key milestone of One Billion Users in 2005. On the road to global penetration, Internet as of the third quarter 2004 had 812,931,592 million Internet users accounted for in all the world.

The 2004 third quarter figures confirm that global Internet growth has been 125.2% since December of 2000, a very healthy growth for the wide world web. Internet growth in the 2000-2004 period has been higher in the less penetrated areas of the world ( Africa, Middle East, and Latin America) and lower in the more penetrated areas (Northern America, Oceania, and Europe). Asia, continent that possesses the largest Internet population, presented an average growth of 125.6% in the refereed period. More statistical information is available at

Regarding the Internet Penetration Rate (the percentage of the population that uses the Internet), penetration has increased from 5.9% in the year 2000 to 12.7% in year 2004. This means that currently approximately one out of every eight persons in the world uses the Internet.

Internet World Stats is expecting the 2004 end of the year data in order to up date the Internet growth figures for the complete five year period mentioned above. The numbers will be available approximately in February of 2005, consolidated and informed to the global Internet community by InternetWorldStats dot com.

According to historic growth paterns, it is expect that the Internet will reach the one billion users towards the end of the year 2005. This will consolidate the Internet as the largest and fastest growing mass-media communications channel in the world.

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