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Number 086 - July 20, 2015 - For subscribers only, delivered directly by email

New European Union 2015 Stats

Dear Reader,
The European Union Internet users and population have been updated on the IWS website. Regarding the population figures, please take note that our information source has been changed from the original U.S. Census Bureau database that we had as reference for previous years. The new source is the Eurostats database, which features much more up to date and realistic population statistics.

The net impact from this source change is a decrease of 5,978,629 inhabitants in the sum of the population in the 28 member states of the European Union. Considering that the 2015 total population is estimated at 507,970,816 for the EU, the difference is only 1.18%. However, when you analyze the figures country by country, there is a great variation between the two database results.

The European Union Stats Table shows the estimated Internet users, the population and the Internet penetration in the region as well as in the 28 states of the EU. The individual country details can be seen by visiting the EU Regional Page.

Below you can see an analysis of the EU 2015 figures and a comparison between the years 2000 and 2015 for the region as well as comments about the population change by country. So without further delay, please read on and enjoy this new issue of the IWS Newsletter.

European Union Stats Analysis

The following table shows the  European Union population and Internet growth between the years 2000 and 2015. The total population shows a modest increase of only 3.73%, however, this is an average and can be quite misleading. As for Internet Users, growth has been 321.77% for this 15 year period, a satisfactory value. Regarding Internet penetration rate, it stands at 78.5%, which is also a very satisfactory figure when compared to the world average penetration of 42.4% for year-end 2014.

European Union (EU28)

Year 2000

Year 2015

Growth %




3.73 %

Internet Users



321.77 %

Internet Penetration

19.3 %

78.5 %

306.63 %

According to Eurostats, the population growth was unevenly distributed across the EU Member States: a total of 16 Member States observed an increase in their respective populations, while the population fell in the remaining 12 States.

In 16 EU Member States the population increased in 2014. Of these, in 12 states, both natural increase and net migration contributed to population growth. In Ireland and Slovenia, natural population increase was the sole driver of the population growth, as net migration was negative. While this is an established trend in Ireland, it was the first year that negative net migration was recorded in Slovenia. Conversely, population growth in Germany and Italy was solely due to positive net migration, as their natural population change was negative.

A total of 12 EU Member States reported a reduction in their level of population during 2014. In five cases (Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Portugal), this was mainly due to negative net migration supplemented by negative natural change. Conversely, in Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia and Romania the decreasing population was mostly driven by the negative natural change that was supplemented by negative net migration. In Hungary, the fall in population was solely due to negative natural change, while net migration was slightly positive. In Spain and Cyprus, the population decreased solely due to negative net migration, which offset the positive natural change.

The following dynamic graph from Eurostats, shows the estimated projected population between the years 2015 and 2080 for each of the 28-EU states. EU Population Projection till 2080. By moving the slider under the graph and clicking on each country you can see the projected population for each year and each country.

European Union Telecommunications

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That's all for today, best personal regards,

Enrique de Argaez, CEO
Miniwatts Marketing Group
Miniwatts de Colombia Ltda.

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