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2013 Internet Facts and Figures

Dear reader,
Today we bring you the latest world ICT facts and figures for 2012 and 2013, according to latest ITU (International Telecommunication Union) estimates. In this issue we are going to analyze the main global trends observed in current worldwide mobile phone subscribers, people online and the gender divide, as well as penetration by geographic regions.

Following is our analysis the data, please continue reading about these new statistics in your personal edition of the IWS Newsletter issue 79.

Mobile Phone Subscriptions in 2013

Between 2005 and 2013 the number of mobile-cellular subscribers in the world has grown from 2,205 million to the current 6,835 million, according to ITU. This extraordinary growth can best be seen in the two graphs presented at the following Mobile Internet Page.

The first graph shows world population and mobile subscriptions growth from 2005 till the current 2013 figures. It is interesting to observe that as time advances, more people have a mobile-phone in the world. The average world penetration rate stands at 96.2% today.

The second graph shows mobile phone penetration by geographic regions. The penetration rate is different for each region. The most penetrated region is the CIS states, with 170%, corresponding to 476 million subscribers. The lowest penetration corresponds to Africa, with 63% penetration and 545 million subscribers.

Internet Users in 2013

The Internet continues to grow, ITU reports 2,749 million Internet users for 2013Q1. By world regions, the estimates given by ITU are the following:
- Africa, 140 million users.
- Arab States, 141 million users.
- Asia & Pacific, 1,269 million users.
- CIS, 145 million users.
- Europe, 467 million users.
- The Americas, 582 million users.

These figures seem a bit low. We believe that the numbers might go up once more recent statistics come in from individual countries. The detailed Internet growth stats 1995 - 2013 are available

Internet Gender Divide

The current 2,749 million estimated Internet users present a gender divide that is more evident in the less developed countries where more men use the Internet compared to women. In the developed world, there are only 2% fewer women than men using the Internet. In contrast, in the developing world, 16% fewer women than men use the Internet. data available about this country is scarce. The Internet Usage page features a graph and more detailed information.

The data presented is this newsletter is sourced from the ITU report (pdf)
ICT Facts and Figures - The World in 2013.

Right now IWS (Internet World Stats) is collecting and processing Facebook subscriber data for first quarter of 2013. This information will be the subject of our next newsletter. I really appreciate your feedback and the many comments received from our readers. See you next week with more stats.

Yours truly,

Enrique de Argaez, CEO
Miniwatts Marketing Group
Miniwatts de Colombia Ltda.

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