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Facebook Country Statistics

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Mark Zuckerberg, without being a political leader and without planning to do so, has sparked the only true revolution taking place today in the world: the – Social Web Revolution –. The main characteristic of a revolution is a drastic and far-reaching change in ways of thinking and behaving. This is precisely what has happened worldwide in the Internet due to his now famous Facebook network. More than 517 million persons in 212 different countries have joined the Facebook Social Web, in the surprisingly short period of time of six years.

New Facebook statistics for each country, territory and region have been included at Internet World Stats, using data as of August 31, 2010. When you click on each geographic region, a new web page opens and under each country name data box you can see the Facebook users and penetration data by country. The source for all these numbers is the Facebook Network itself.

So, without further ado, please read on and enjoy this new IWS Newsletter issue, featuring the complete Facebook Users statistics by country and region.

Facebook in Africa

There are 17,607,440 Facebook users in the African Continent as of August 31/10, with a penetration rate of 1.7%. The top five Facebook countries are: Egypt, South Africa, Morocco, Nigeria and Tunisia. See list.

Facebook in America

The largest group of Facebook users is of course in the United States with 132,810,940 users on August 31/10, and a penetration rate of 42.8%. In North America there is a total of 149,054,040 Facebook users. See list.

Facebook is very popular in South America where there are 49,771,960 users and a penetration rate of 12.5%. See list.

In Mexico and Central America Facebook has 18,417,960 users, with a penetration rate of 11.9%. See list.

Facebook also has many fans in the Caribbean region, where there are 3,925,060 users, with a penetration rate of 9.4%. See list.

Facebook in Asia

There were 93,584,580 Facebook users in Asia on August 31/10, with a penetration rate of 2.4%. The top five Facebook countries in Asia are: Indonesia, Philippines, India, Malaysia and Taiwan. See list.

Facebook in Europe

There were 162,584,580 Facebook users in Europe on August 31/10, with a penetration rate of 19.9%. Europe is the region with the highest number of Facebook users and the top six Facebook countries are: the United Kingdom, Turkey, France, Italy, Spain and Germany. See list.

Facebook in the Middle East

On August 31/10, there were 11,698,120 Facebook users in the Middle East region, with a penetration rate of 5.5%. The top five Facebook countries in this region are: Israel, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Lebanon. See list.

Facebook in Oceania

There were 11,596,660 Facebook users in Oceania on August 31/10, with a penetration rate of 33.4%. The two main Facebook countries are: Australia and New Zealand, as could be expected. See list.

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