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Facebook World Statistics Report

Dear Reader,
We are almost there, very soon the Internet will hit two billion users. Yes, almost 2,000,000,000 with a big B, two billion people are using the Internet. An amazing accomplishment because in just 15 years (1995-2010), the Knowledge Society has conquered Planet Earth, and nothing will be the same ever again. “One small step for man, a giant leap for mankind”, like someone said before me, 41 years ago.

But today I am not going to discuss the Internet. Today, for the first time, we show our methodology applied to analyzing the Facebook World Stats. The results are very revealing regarding the power and worldwide force of this web platform that has grown to become by far the largest and most important social network in the Internet.

The results are summarized in a new statistics table and three bar charts, that you can view at Facebook World Usage, using data as of August 31, 2010. We have found useful to introduce a new Internet Metric that we shall call the Facebook Index. It corresponds to the percentage of Internet Users that are also Facebook Users, in any country or geographic region. This is all explained below.

So, without further delay, please enjoy this special IWS Newsletter issue.

Facebook World Statistics Table

Tables are a little hard to read if you are not trained in handling this type of information. For this reason, we also produce the graphics which are easy to understand and analize. Anyway, the first column gives the eight geographic regions we divided the world into. They are ordered by population size. Asia is in the first spot because it has the largest population. Next is Africa and so forth. Last is the Oceania region with the smallest population. This last region includes Australia, New Zealand and all the South Pacific islands.

Next column features the Facebook Users for each region. Europe has the largest number of users, 162 million, and next is North America with 149 million Facebook users. The fourth column features the Facebook penetration by world regions, the next column represents the Facebook Index. The last two columns are simply the number of Internet users and their penetration in each world region.

The Facebook Index Chart

This bar chart is the green one and quite original. It shows that in North America and Oceania over 50% of Internet users are also Facebook users. In the next 3 regions (the Caribbean, Latin America and Europe) we find that Facebook is also very popular and 34.1% to 39.0% Internet Users also use the Facebook. In the last 3 regions Facebook is less popular. The conclusion is that the world average is 26.3%, this means that about one out of every four Internet users are also Facebook users, 517 million worldwide.

Facebook World Users Chart

The second chart, the blue one, shows the impressive growth of Facebook users in Europe, 162 million. See for yourselves the other regions. This information is useful for estimating potential market size in each world region when you use Facebook for advertizing purposes, very impressive.

Facebook Penetration Chart

This bar chart, the red one, shows how much Facebook has penetrated each world region. In North America, for example, 43.3% of the population uses Facebook. In Australia and Oceania, a third (33.4%) of the total population uses Facebook.The most impressive data, is that 7.6% of the total world population uses Facebook.

One last thing before closing: Do not compare Facebook and Google. This is like comparing apples and oranges. They are two completely different things. A lot of articles in the Media try to gain readership with foolish ideas and faulty analysis. Crazy headlines with no content underneath.

Best personal regards,

Enrique de Argaez, CEO
Miniwatts Marketing Group
Miniwatts de Colombia Ltda.

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