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Miniwatts Marketing Group, 2000 - 2010

Dear Subscriber,,
The year 2010 is special for us, and specially for the writer, because it marks an aniversary for our research work: Ten years delivering the Internet World Stats statistics to the global community. Yes, ten years (2000 - 2010) of work in the Internet research and web publishing field for the Miniwatts Marketing Group.

To allow fair comparison between countries, since the very begining and also for practical purposes, we established the year 2000 as the baseline for calculating Internet user growth. This has worked out nicely. Another thing we decided back in 2000 that remains unchanged and still works fine is the use of the ISO 3166 code system for identifying the world countries and territories.

Using the United Nations country clasification system for grouping all the countries and territories within the world regions works fine. The source for world population statistics, however, did change. We now use the U.S. Census Bureau as source for world population statistics. There is a definite advantage in using for our work generally accepted world Standards.

The Statistical Tables have remained basically unchanged, as to the look, design and colors. Nothing fancy, but practical and easy to understand. The bar and pie charts graphics were a good addition to the website. These graphic elements make the statistics easier to understand and less boring to look at.

Another feature that has remained unchanged from the start is our firm decision to publish the stats in the web and allow free access to them for everybody. This policy will remain in effect for as long as we can finance the research and cover the associated publishing expenses with the website advertising revenue.

You may wonder about the practical applications of the Internet World Stats. Well, one of the main uses for them is to evaluate the market potencial for the individual countries. Knowing the Internet Indicators for a country or region, makes it easy to determine the possibilities of doing e-commerce, the potencial market size, and other marketing data.

Regarding the final 2009 Year-end Internet World Stats, we are working on them and they will be available very soon at the website.

Miniwatts e-Commerce Software

The Miniwatts Marketing Group, besides doing market research, offers hosting services since 2001. Going a step further with our hosting services, Miniwatts has established a partnership with a world class leading software company for selling their e-commerce shopping cart and email marketing software, under our own private label.

In the coming newsletter issues we will inform you in detail about these great programs and our growing involvement in the e-commerce field. The software will be offered as Saas, Software as a Service, with many advantages to our customers.

That's all for today. See you next week, with more Internet statistics and market research tips.

Best personal regards,

Enrique de Argaez, CEO
Miniwatts Marketing Group
Miniwatts de Colombia Ltda.

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