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Number 026 - January, 2007

The 2006 Year-End Stats

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Time does go by very fast in the Internet era. Please excuse the delay in wishing you a Happy New Year and in publishing this first edition of the IWS Newsletter for 2007.

In this issue please find three topics related to Internet world usage. Firstly is the estimate regarding Internet Usage by the top ten world languages. This estimate is based on the year end data for 2006.

Secondly, we have the information regarding how the global Internet Usage finished last year, featuring the growth observed in each world region during years 2005 - 2006.

Thirdly, we comment about the European Union enlargement that occurred on January 1st., 2007. The admittance of Bulgaria and Romania brought the number of member states to twenty seven, and we can refer now to the EU27 states. The Europe statistics have been updated accordingly as noted below.

Top Ten Languages in Internet

One of the mayor causes of the Digital Divide in the Internet is the large number of different languages spoken in the world. This causes a natural Internet segmentation. We have taken the top ten language groups for this statistic and the results for 2006 can be seen at top languages in Internet

The relative order of positions on the table remain unchanged since 2005. It is interesting to point out that these top ten languages correspond to 81.8% of all the Internet users. The rest of world languages, several thousands, are grouped together and represent only 18.2% of the Internet users. Here, once again, the Pareto Principle holds true. For more details, visit
top languages in Internet

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Internet 2006 Year End Statistics

The Internet continues with its worldwide expansion and the present estimate is 1,114,274,426 users in the world. Taking into consideration the world global population estimate of 6,574,666,417 this represents a 16.9% Internet penetration rate. In other words, about one in every five persons uses the Internet in the world.

Please be advised that the eight (8) main tables (top menu bar links) at IWS have all been updated as of March 19, 2007. Regional and country pages data are pending updates, scheduled for April 1st., 2007. The changes recorded for Internet usage in each world region are shown in the following table:

Internet Usage Growth 2005 - 2006
by World Regions




Growth (%)




45.9 %

America, Central



16.9 %

America, North



3.3 %

America, South



23.9 %

America, Caribbean



21.0 %




9.5 %




8.5 %

Middle East



6.7 %

Oceania / Australia



4.2 %

World, Total



9.4 %

Source: , accessed on March 19, 2007.
Copyright © 2007, Miniwatts Marketing Group.

The above figures speak for themselves. For more comparison statistics, visit our new website at
Internet Market Reports

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New European Union Enlargement

Since its creation in 1957, the six states European Community has grown with 21 new member states to become the European Union we know today, EU27. The Europe statistics page has been improved at the request of our readers from Europe. The new, improved, and updated web page may be seen at: Europe Internet Statistics. Here you can find stats for ALL the European countries.

For statistics about the European Union, including all the 27 member states (EU27), go to the following page:
European Union Stats.

Thank you for subscribing to this newsletter and visiting our websites.

Kind regards to all,

Enrique de Argaez, PE, MBA,
editor and webmaster
Internet Marketing Research

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