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Internet World Stats News

Number 022 - September, 2006

The 2006Q3 Internet Report

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Hello subscribers, the number of Internet users in the world has grown and is now estimated at 1,086,250,903 people for September, 2006 according to research by Internet World Stats.

In this newsletter issue we analyze the main results of the current Internet usage statistics, based on the following three characteristics: (1) worldwide usage, by regions and countries; (2) countries with highest number of users, and (3) most penetrated countries.

We generally update our published statistical tables four times per year. The present update corresponds to the third quarter (Q3) of 2006 and has been published at
Internet World Stats.

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Internet Worldwide Usage

In all the seven world regions the Internet shows growth since the last update three months ago. In Africa Internet increased by 9,116,700 people and now represents 3% of world users. In Asia Internet continues its leading position with an increase of 14,471,500 users, and represents 36% of world usage. In Europe Internet grew by 14,611,059 users and continues to represent 28% of the world Internet usage. In the Middle East Internet grew by 824,900 new users, and the region now totals 2% of the world usage. North America logged 1,667,993 new Internet users, and corresponds to 21% of the world usage. In Latin America, including the Caribbean, Internet increased by 1,961,800 users and represents 8% of world Internet usage. In Australia and the South Pacific region Internet increased by 492,065 users and represents 2% of the world users.

See the complete world statistics at
Internet World Usage.

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Internet Top 20 Countries

The 20 Top places in Internet usage continue to be occupied by the same 20 countries. However, the relative positions have changed. The most significant variations correspond to India, which continues in fourth place with 60 million Internet users, and Turkey, which advanced to sixteenth place, with 16 million Internet users (in 2006).

These 20 countries are responsible for 78.3% of all the Internet usage in the world. The Paretto Principle is evident once again. See the latest list of top Internet countries at
Top 20 Internet users.

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Internet Most Penetrated Countries

This group has two new members, they are Slovenia with 55.6% penetration, and Israel with 52% Internet penetration. To be in this list a country or territory must have an Internet penetration rate, aka the percentage of the population that uses the Internet, over 50%. Up to now, 32 countries or territories meet this condition. By the way, the most penetrated country in the world is Iceland, where 86.8% of the population uses the Internet.

See the complete list of countries with the
Highest Internet Penetration.

That is all for now. Best regards to all.

Enrique de Argaez,
editor and webmaster

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