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Number 021 - August, 2006

Search Engine Rankings

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One of the most intriguing questions about Internet Usage is researching what people do online. The main activity appears to be email reading and writing, second is searching in general. Viewing and paying bills is another main activity, as well as job hunting. Other uses of surfing time are downloading of audio and video podcasts, publishing blogs, and dating. The social portals are growing fast.

In this issue a report summary (pdf) of Internet usage in the European Union, prepared by Eurostats, is available. Broadband uptake is compared for EU25. The latest search engine ranking by comScore is also published. This report compares search engines in July 2006 versus July 2005. Research by comScore confirms that Google continues in first place, followed by Yahoo, Microsoft, Time Warner (AOL), and Ask.

The number of Internet users in the world today is estimated at 1,043,104,886 people according to
Internet World Stats records. We generally update our published statistical tables four times per year.

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Internet in European Union Report

In the EU students show the highest rate of Internet access of any user group, with 79 per cent going online at least once a week. More than half of the employed people (55 per cent) do so, while less than a third of the unemployed (32 per cent) do. In the EU, more men than women (49 per cent compared to 38 per cent) access the Internet regularly.

The report summary (pdf) is available here for
free download. For further information, please visit the Eurostat web site where more research reports are available.

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Internet Search Engines Report

comScore Networks released its monthly qSearch analysis of activity across competitive search engines for July 2006. Yahoo! Sites posted modest market share gains for the second consecutive month to reach 28.8 percent of U.S. searches, trailing Google Sites, which registered a 43.7 percent share. Google’s share declined 1 percent from the previous month, ending its impressive 11-month run of consecutive gains. Microsoft Sites held steady in third position with 12.8 percent share of searches, while Time-Warner Network (5.9 percent) and Ask Network (5.4 percent) each showed modest market share gains versus the previous month.

United States Search Engine Ranking


July, 2005

July, 2006

Percent Change

Internet population

100 %

Percen100 %t


-- Google sites

36.5 %

43.7 %

7.2 %

-- Yahoo sites

30.5 %

28.8 %

-1.7 %

-- MSN Search sites

15.5 %

12.8 %

-2.7 %

-- Time Warner Network

9.9 %

5.9 %

-4.0 %

-- Ask Network

6.1 %

5.4 %

-0.7 %

Source: comScore Networks from the monthly qSearch Analysis of search engine competitive activity for United States, August, 2006.

Key findings of the comScore report:

+ Americans conducted 6.3 billion searches online in July, down 2 percent versus last month, reflecting seasonal declines typically seen in July. Growth in search query volume on an annual basis remains strong, rising 30 percent since July 2005.

+ Google Sites led the pack with 2.7 billion search queries performed, followed by Yahoo Sites (1.8 billion), MSN-Microsoft (802 million), Time-Warner Network (366 million), and Ask Jeeves/Ask Network (338 million).

+ Google and Yahoo! continued their dominance in toolbar searches, combining for more than 95 percent of the market share in July. Google grabbed 50.3 percent of toolbar searches, while Yahoo! captured 46.2 percent.

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New Weather Resource at IWS

Among the useful market research information for any world region or country is the weather. Climate and local weather conditions can affect business as we all know. For this reason, we have added a link for searching the local weather in any country or region at World Time and Weather. If you enter the name of a country in the search box, a new page opens with the current local weather in several cities. Clicking on one of the cities will give you a weather report with the current conditions and a forecast for the next days. Enter the name of a region, and you will get complete information and a country list. For the United Stats you can enter the zip code to get the current weather in that area.

We have chosen the
Weather Underground as the weather information source for our web site because it is the oldest and most complete, free weather service website, and it even includes several languages you can select. The individual country pages will all have a link for local weather.
Japan or Chile for an example.

Best regards to all readers,

Enrique de Argaez,
editor and webmaster

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