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Number 020 - July, 2006

Spanish Speakers in Internet

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Beginning with this issue, we will be supplying the information that you are looking for and expecting from us. We refer to the best global Internet usage and Internet trends research data freely available online.

To start this series, today we have prepared an exclusive report with new updated data regarding the Spanish Speaking Internet users. In this issue of the Internet World Stats Newsletter you will receive the facts about this rapidly growing and important Internet market segment.

The only true Digital Divide, in our opinion, in Internet is the huge division originated by the different languages of the people surfing the Web. Speaking in true marketing terms, the Internet is affected by a natural segmentation process originated by user language.

As of June 30, 2006 global Internet usage is estimated at 1,043,104,886 people. Read all about it here, in the IWS Newsletter.

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Internet World Usage Update

As of June 2006, the world Internet usage is estimated at 1,043,104,886 people. The world penetration rate is 16.0 %. By world regions, North America, Oceania and Europe show above average penetration. On the other hand Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America present below average Internet penetration.

Regarding Internet usage growth, the situation is really quite different: Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean show above average growth. For complete details take a look at
Internet world stats.

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Spanish Speakers in Internet

Here is the Internet Usage by Spanish Speakers Report, as of June 2006. Spanish speakers in the world are estimated at 437 million people. Of this total population, approximately 17.9% use the Internet. This is equivalent to about 78,166,075 people living in 21 countries. A summary table follows, and if you wish to see all the details, visit Spanish Internet stats.

Spanish Speaking Internet Market Size

Country or Region


Internet Users


Caribbean, the



8.0 %

Central America



7.7 %




16.3 %

South America



16.7 %




39.6 %

United States Hispanics



19.1 %

Total Spanish Speakers



17.9 %

Source: Internet World Stats,, June 30, 2006.

The Spanish speaking population is not a racial group, nor does it share a common culture. The single characteristic that they all share is a common ancestry to Spain. Today this large Spanish speaking population that traces its origins to Spain presents varied local cultures, and many variations in the way they speak Spanish. The rule is different accents and tones employed when speaking the language, and usage of many local terms. This is very similar to the variations we find between the way English is spoken in England and the way it is spoken in the United States. For more information on the top ten languages in the Internet, see Internet languages. We predict that Spanish will become the third language in the Web in 2 or 3 years.

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Tools for Searching the Blogosphere

"The Internet is moving from the 1990s metaphor of the world's biggest library to become an enormous river of conversations." states David Sifry , the founder of Technorati. With nearly 50 million blogs online, searching through their millions of entries can become an overwhelming task.

But that's not all. The challenge of figuring out which blogs to read will grow even harder in the future because more people are join the stampede to publish on the Web. Estimates indicate that the blog universe is doubling every six months. with 125,000 new blogs appearing online daily.

Fortunately there are several new tools specifically designed to search the blogs for content. The main ones are Technorati, Sphere, Icerocket, Feedster, and Google Blog Search. Basically you type in key phrases and get blog postings matching your interests. To find out more about this, visit the new blog page at AAMR.

See you next month. Best regards to everyone,

Enrique de Argaez,
editor and webmaster

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