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Number 18 - May, 2006

Internet World Usage News

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It is now over five years ago that we started doing market research in the Internet. In the beginning our work was fun and easy. It gave us a great feeling of accomplishment every time we got a new country into our statistics lists.

Today it is not so easy to find new statistical data. When we query the search engines for Internet usage stats, we generally start running in circles because we get referred back to ourselves (IWS).

We verify and document our sources, check and recheck the numbers, give the reference source, and publish the contents for free. Well Miniwatts Marketing Group is glad to make this contribution to the Internet community of Academia, professors as well as students who use our data, to the writers that cite our statistical tables, to the smart journalists that use our figures, to the market researchers that use our information, and to the web surfers that come visit and find our free statistical information useful for analyzing the Internet.

Thank you and now enjoy your personal issue of the IWS Newsletter for May, 2006.

Internet World Stats
Internet Usage in March 2006
A new page has been added to centralize all the Internet Usage News and Press Releases in the IWS website. It is called Internet Usage Reports, and recently a report from comScore was included stating that in March of 2006 694 million people used the Internet. To read about the users by country and other details, see our report. More reports will be added regularly.

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WEB 2.0
50 x 15 Initiative
As you know, AMD is sponsoring the 50X15 initiative. The purpose of this initiative is to get 50% of the world population online by the year 2015. The AMD people have developed a very nice graph showing the projected future usage of the Internet in the world. Check it out, they used IWS data to develop a very nice population clock projecting Internet usage and world penetration rates, with and without the 50x15 initiative.

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All About Market Research
Internet Resources and Tools
Another good resource for market search are the local newspapers. They provide you with the latest current news for each local target market. At the newspapers and the media page you can find links to thousands of the best newspapers in the world. We recommend you check the online newspaper directory, where you wil find links to newspapers of all the world.

If you want to know about the
bank holidays in all the countries of the world visit the EDIT web site. It is a great resource for global marketers, featuring public national as well as religious holidays. Add to your favorites for quick reference.

And to complete the list, here is a search engine that specializes in searching the news: Try it for researching the world news, the blogs, and local newspapers, as well as Internet news channels. It makes use of artificial intelligence and special algorithms to produce very unique results pages. For more search engine information check the AAMR Search Engines section where you can find more specialized search engine tips and links.

Kind regards,

Enrique de Argaez,
IWS editor and webmaster

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