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Number 016 - March, 2006

European Business Facts

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In todays issue we have included European Business Facts and Figures for 1995 to 2004. Also a note on International Trade for 2005.

IWS website statistics and information have also been published. We are displaying this
web site information in order to dispell certain questions that have come to our attention from several writers and journalists that wish to know (1) How authentic is the data that we provide. (2) What information sources do we employ, and (3) Our organisational background.

Last but not less, a new search tool is presented here,

A cordial welcome to the new subscribers, and a big hello to all our faithful newsletter subscribers. Thank you and enjoy the March newsletter.

Internet World Stats Web Site Data

According to the IWS logs for March, the most popular page is the Big Picture, where the world total Internet usage figures are displayed. Next in popularity come the regional Internet usage statistics pages for the Americas, for Europe and in fourth place the Asia Stats.

Visitors in March/2006 use in their majority broadband: 67% use cable/DSL, 10% use corporate networks, 12% use dail-up, and the Internet access is unknown for the balance (11%). 94.8% visitors use the Windows platform, 4.1% use Macintosh, and only 0.9% use Linux.

The most popular visitor browser is
Internet Explorer (76.3%), second is Firefox (18.2%), third is Safari (2.7%), fourth is Opera (1.4%). These 4 browsers correspond to 98.6% of all the website visitors.

Regarding screen resolution, 56.1% visitors use 1024x768, 13.8% use 1280x1024, 11.7% use 800x600, 5.2% use 1280x800, 3.3% use 1152x864 and the balance (9.9%) use other resolutions. As a side note, the IWS website is currently optimized for display at 1024x768 screen resolution.

The top 10 language preference setting of choice for visitors are:
78.7% English, US
3.6% English, Global
2.1% Spanish, Spain
2.0% French,
1.7% German,
1.3% English, UK
1.0% Chinese, China
0.9% Dutch,
0.8% Portuguese, Br
0.7% Chinese, Tw

The above numbers confirm that English is the top surfing language, and that 83.6% of IWS visitors use English to surf the web. The Geo Location statistics confirm that in March visitors came from 164 different countries and regions of the world. The Top Ten list of visitors by countries is as follows:

1- United States
2- United Kingdom
3- Canada
4- Australia
5- India
6- Germany
7- France
8- Netherlands
9- Malaysia
10- Philippines

Page views for February/2006 totaled 1,025,652 and March 1-15, 2006 has currently 612,825 page views so far. The IWS statistics for the year 2005 were 9,435,423 page views and 1,356,473 visitors, highly focused on the subject of Internet Market Research. Thanks to all of you for your support and your frequent visits to Internet World Stats, the major source of free Internet usage statistics in the web since 2002.
IWS sources

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European Union Business
Research Report for 1995 - 2004

Eurostats has released a publication that gives a comprehensive picture and details the structure, development and characteristics of European business for several activity sectors: from energy and the extractive industries to communications, information services and the media. It presents the latest available statistics from a wide selection of statistical sources describing: production and employment; country specialisation and regional distribution; productivity and profitability; the importance of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs); work-force characteristics; external trade etc, for each activity. The following link allows free download of the report. However, this pdf document is large (413 pages and 14.7 MB) so we recommend downloading only for those with an Internet broadband connection, or much time available.
See Eurostats report information page.

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International Trade Statistics 2005

The World Trade Organization (WTO) has published a big report on 2004 and 2005 International trade Statistics. It covers traditional trade statistics, not e-commerce. However, where can a line be drawn? How much of that trade was produced as a result of emails? How much information from Internet web sites was instrumental and helpful to closing a negotiation? The more we think about it the more we can see that the Internet is the greatest business tool of all times. Visit the WTO page and download a copy of the report (274 page pdf document).

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New Tools for Searching the Web is a brand new Meta Search engine that automatically searches the three major search engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN) and delivers to you highly relevant web sites. Try , I am sure that you will like this new search engine.

Very truly yours,

Enrique de Argaez,
editor and webmaster

P.S.: New article: USA Broadband Usage up 28% in February.

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