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Number 010 - September, 2005

Internet Usage 3Q Update

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Hello and a great welcome to all subscribers. We are glad to announce that now we have two websites dedicated to the Internet Market Research field. Both sites offer free content and they are complementary of each other.

Statistics on Internet Usage and local country markets will continue to be displayed at the
Internet World Stats. The other site, as can be inferred from its name, is dedicated to All About Market Research. Here you can find research tutorials, research tools, information, and practical tips for performing online market research.

New content will be added frequently to both websites, so visit them often. We thank you for being a loyal subscriber to the IWS Newsletter and we hope to continue serving your market research needs in the future with better free statistics, more research reports, and more useful information.

New Products from Google Labs

Google Labs rolls out new free services one after the other: Gmail, Google Maps, Google Blog Search, Google Print, and now Google Talk. (For using Google Talk you need a Gmail account, Windows XP or 2000, and a fast Internet access.) All great products and free. Check them out at the Google Help Center Google Labs. The site is loaded with useful information about the features of these products and how to use them.

Google's Firefox Toolbar Application, in beta testing since early July, was officially released last week with a set of new Firefox-only functions. Among the new features are the ability to rearrange the toolbar interface and to move around the search bar, and the incorporation of Google Suggest, which suggests queries based on what the user has already typed.

By the way, Mozilla Foundation has announced a new security update to the Firefox browser. For safer and faster navigation
download Firefox 1.0.7 now. It is available now in several languages.

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Internet Usage Stats Update

According to our records, as of September 27, 2005 there are 957,783,222 Internet users in the world. This corresponds to a 14.9% penetration rate for the world, based on a total population of 6,420,102,722. The five year growth percentage to date is a healthy 165.3 %. The Internet growth in each world region is as follows, ordered by the penetration rates:

World Regions

Users, 2000

Users, 2005


% Pop.

Northern America



107.0 %

68.1 %




131.7 %

52.8 %




165.1 %

37.4 %

Latin America + Caribbean



291.4 %

12.9 %




186.1 %

9.0 %

Middle East



305.4 %

8.2 %




428.7 %

2.7 %

Total World



165.3 %

14.9 %

Source: Internet World Stats, September, 2005.

Note1: % Pop. is the Internet Penetration Rate, expressed as population percentage.
Note2: Internet Growth Percent is between December, 2000 and September, 2005.

The Internet World Stats website statistics will be updated towards the middle of October, 2005 with complete country figures included in the charts and tables. To reach the target mark of one billion Internet users, expected by the end of year 2005, only 42,216,788 new Internet users are required.

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Online Profits at the Speed of Light

If you are anything like me, you are sick of all the stale information being sold online on how to market your products or services. The four biggest complaints about many of those Internet e-marketing courses and guides are:

1 - Many don't work. In fact, they are a total waste of your valuable time, effort, and money.

2 - Most of the so-called "experts" who write this stuff aren't experts at all. The only online marketing experience they have is selling their ebook on "how to get rich on the Internet".

3 - Much of the content is too technical. You practically have to be a rocket scientist to even begin to understand it.

4 - Much of it is way too long. You are forced to wade through hundreds of pages just to get a couple of ideas that may or may not work.

Bob Serling, a true marketing expert, decided to do something about it. So he invited several dozens of the most effective, trustworthy marketing experts, to help him create a collection of powerful techniques you can rely on to get exceptional results. And he told these experts that it could not take more than 15 minutes to learn any one of the techniques and be ready to put them into action.

I am now making this program available to my subscribers. I promise you wont be disappointed with it. You will gain the skills you really need to market more effectively online.
Get the details here.

Kind regards,

Enrique de Argaez,
editor and webmaster

P.S.: Thunderbird Mail has been updated by the Mozilla Foundation. Enjoy safer and more productive email, download the new Thunderbird 1.0.7 here.

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