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Number 008 - July, 2005

Internet Growth 2000-2005

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Hello and a great welcome to all subscribers.
Retrieving Internet usage statistics is becoming more difficult everyday. Updates take longer each day because of more users and more access options to tally. We are waiting for new figures to come in from the field and will let subscribers know by email when the new stats tables are uploaded. Sorry for the delay.

In the mean time, we enclose herewith a current comparison for Internet usage growth from December 2000 till June 2005. The analysis of the data by world regions is quite interesting and confirms Internet growth everywhere.

These new figures are provisional and will not be displayed in the regular website stats tables.

Enjoy reading your personal IWS newsletter.

Will Internet Close the Cinemas?

Hollywood studios are now facing an unexpected slowdown in crucial DVD sales. 'Shrek 2,' which was expected to sell 55 million DVDs, sold only 35 million. The Incredibles is expected to sell 30 million DVDs instead of the 34 million projected.

For the past eight years, the studios have been able to bank on revenue from sales and rentals of DVDs, which have accounted for 60% of the entertainment companies’ bottom lines, compared to just 20% taken in ticket sales. Now, however, there are signs that DVD sales are starting to follow the recent box-office slump.

DreamWorks Animation and Pixar Animation Studios, despite having a couple of the biggest box-office hits in recent memory, had to adjust their earnings estimates when Shrek 2 and The Incredibles sold fewer DVDs than the companies had predicted. Their stock prices plunged on the news.

This year up to now has been a total shock to people in the film and DVD businesses. Given that a movie’s theater run acts as a promotion for the DVD release, the current box-office slump -- the worst in decades, with 19-straight weekends of decreased attendance -- doesn’t look well, either.

Nevertheless, the DVD market is still growing -- about 13% this year, largely on the strength of TV releases and children's movies -- but that’s expected to fall into the single digits within the next few years, according to Adams Media Research. Take a look at a review of the Online DVD Rental websites.

And, meantime, Internet technology continues its advance. Companies like Morgan Freeman’s newly formed, Intel-backed
ClickStar are promising to deliver movies to consumers over the Internet. You can now see good quality film previews at iFilm, its just a little way ahead to getting the complete film delivered to your PC. There are also monthly subscription websites where you can download and see movies for a small sum.

If you have Broadband Internet access, you can try it free and be the judge.

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Internet Usage Growth 2000 - 2005

According to our records, as of July 21, 2005 there are 938,710,92 Internet users in the world. This corresponds to a 14.6% penetration rate for the world, based on a total population estimate of 6,420,102,722. The five year growth percentage to date is 160.0 %. The Internet growth in each world region is as follows, ordered by penetration rate:

World Regions

Users, 2000

Users, 2005


% Pop.

Northern America



106.7 %

68.0 %




115.9 %

49.2 %




161.0 %

36.8 %

Latin America + Caribbean



277.0 %

12.5 %




183.2 %

8.9 %

Middle East



311.9 %

8.3 %




258.3 %

1.8 %

Total World



160.0 %

14.6 %

Source: Internet World Stats, July, 2005.

Note1: % Pop. is the Penetration Rate, expressed as population percentage.
Note2: Internet Growth Percent is between December, 2000 and June, 2005.

The detailed updated statistics for worldwide Internet usage may be seen on the Internet World Stats website. Each day the target mark of one billion Internet users, expected at the end of year 2005, seems closer and more achievable.
See details.

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Internet Archive for Old Web Pages

Sometimes you need to see an old copy of a web page. This is frequent for market research statistics on Internet usage, when somebody requires data from previous years. We do not have those figures available because our basic idea is to benchmark Internet Usage at year 2000 and update figures constantly for each region, country and territory. However, we have found a place where old data can be found. The Internet Archive is building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Like a paper library, they provide free access to researchers, historians, scholars, and the general public.

If you wish to see back-issues of Internet World Stats web pages and stats, all you have to do is click on this link, go to
The Way Back Machine, and select the archive of your interest.

An extra bonus for IWS Newsletter subscribers. Internet Usage and Penetration statistics by country for 1998-2003 (pdf) are available for viewing or download here:
Usage and Penetration Rates.

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And that's all for today. Stay tuned for the midyear Internet usage statistics update to be announced by IWS real soon. Till then.

Take care,

Enrique de Argaez,
editor and webmaster

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