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Number 004 - March, 2005

Internet Markets Mature

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Editor's Note

Your personal edition of IWS Newsletter is here. This is our third edition of the year. If you did not get the previous issues, you can check them out in the archive at the IWS website.

In this edition we cover three important themes related to Internet usage. Firstly, a report on the top Internet markets: which ones are growing, which are flat, and which offer the best market opportunities. Internet audience dynamics are covered next, as to heavy users and media. Finally the trends in web browser usage are shown for March, 2005.

New world Internet usage estimates are being updated. We will be reporting on them in future newsletter editions.

So, without further ado, enjoy reading the news.

Internet Markets are Maturing

Recently published results from Nielsen//NetRatings' NetView audience measurement panel shows that the number of monthly user sessions in the United States declined by two percent in February 2005, when compared to February 2004. This negative growth rate places the United States at the bottom of a twelve nation listing (Hong Kong, France, Italy, Japan, Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Sweden, Switzerland, Brazil, Spain and Germany) in terms of percentage growth of online traffic.

The results suggest that Internet usage in "mature" Internet markets has gone flat and that companies may need to take new tactics to stimulate additional Web growth.

Nielsen//NetRatings survey indicates that the easiest growth opportunities are in countries where Internet usage patterns and user/site relationships are less established. Acquiring users in markets that are currently in their growth stages will lead to a loyal user base that will pay dividends for Internet companies in the future. Marketing opportunities exist in several emerging Internet markets, including Australia, France, Hong Kong, Italy and Japan. Flat Internet mature markets are Brazil, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and United Kingdom with limited growth, according to the survey. See the survey summary.

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Internet Audience Dynamics

Audience measurement data can be used to show how sites’ unique audience dynamics can be leveraged to improve advertising effectiveness. In a study by
DoubleClick with data from comScore Media Metrix, you are shown how the Internet can be used as a reach medium, and not through the portals alone. Advertisers can maximize exposure to hard-to-find light Internet users and specific target groups, optimize scheduling to take advantage of site usage peaks, and understand how audience build rates vary among site genres.

For publishers, having knowledge of their unique audience dynamics helps sell their audiences more effectively, perhaps even to advertisers outside their usual purview. At the micro level, close familiarity with their site’s dynamics helps develop best practices for impression delivery to meet advertisers’ campaign goals.
Read the 7 page DoubleClick whitepaper.

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Web Browser Statistics

According to the W3Schools website statistics for March, 2005 the most popular browser continues to be Internet Explorer (IE6). Firefox has, however, gained positions and is now second favorite with 21.5%. Windows XP is the most popular operating system, with 63.1% popularity. Regarding display the current trend is that more and more computers are using a screen size of 1024x768 pixels, and a color depth of 16,777,216 different colors.

To see the complete monthly web statistic tables, visit
w3schools. There you will also find many fine tutorials to refresh on Internet authoring topics.

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Enrique De Argaez,
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