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Number 002 - January, 2005

Welcome to IWS News

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Editor's Note

Welcome again to the Internet World Stats Newsletter (IWS News for short). This is our first edition of the year 2005. We plan to publish every month a new issue of the newsletter, only for the opt-in subscriber to IWS News!

This time of the year everybody involved with Internet usage statistics is very busy updating figures for publishing the 2004 year end stats. We expect to collect and receive new data during the next six weeks period of time in order to publish a general update towards the end of February.

In the meantime we are updating the 2005 world population estimates and including the physical size (area) of the 237 countries listed in our website.

Other news of interest for Internet Marketing Research about IWS are published below.

The World Population for 2005

The revised population estimate for 2005 is 6,412,084,319 population in the world. This is the estimate of World Gazetteer that we will use for our statistical tables in the Internet World Stats website.

As we expressed in the editorial note, new Internet usage data will be available towards the end of February. For the moment, we can tell you that China has updated data and the number of subscribers is now 94,000,000 in mainland China, a seven million increase from the previous figure.

This new estimate brings up to 819 million our total world Internet users figure. For 2005 we expect to reach one billion Internet users (1,000,000,000) by the end of this year.

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More Country Data Included

An additional parameter will be included as of February 2005 in the information box for each country. It is the physical size or area of each country or territory. With this information the visitor can get a very quick picture of the individual market characteristics and calibrate its relative potential.

The per capita GNI is also being updated. We hope these additions will make the website more useful to our visitors. You can see this new information at the
Asia Page which is ready.

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Remember to Visit the IWS Blog

We will publish the news regarding the website updates, new internet usage data, and other interesting news at the web log. This is a good way to keep up to date on Internet Statistics before they are published and uploaded.

We would also like to receive your opinions, suggestions and feeback regarding this newsletter, and the Internet World Stats web site.

Our best wishes for your success in the New Year of 2005. See you next month with more internet world stats news!

Take care,

Ricky, the Editor


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