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Internet World Stats News

Number 001 - July 15, 2004

Welcome to the IWS News

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Editor’s Note

Welcome to this first edition of the Internet World Stats Newsletter (IWS News for short). Sorry for the long delay. You probably thought we had forgotten your opt-in subscription to IWS News!

The truth is we were busy recovering from a catastrophic hard disk failure back in January, 2004. Yes, those things do happen when you least expect and at the worst moment. Murphy’s Law. You can imagine how bad we felt after this incident or accident or whatever other word you wish to call it.

Looking back, however, we now think that it was the best thing that could have happened to us. Yes, the best thing, but let me explain why. From that moment on we broke with the past, and started to live in the future.

Sometimes you get stuck in the routine, doing the same old things, and getting the same old results. Some would call this " business as usual ". But the truth is that you will be missing many opportunities to improve and to grow your Internet Business.

We have changed many things after the hard disk failure and the Internet World Stats site has grown enormously in content and in traffic in the last few months. Our ranking in the search engines shows it.

The morale of the story is this: don't wait for being shaken by a catastrophe to break with the past. Start living in the future, now. Live the times of constant change, live the times of the Internet. It is the best way to progress today.

Change whatever must be changed on time, and just keep on working with enthusiasm.

The Pop Unders are Gone

Back in 2002 when we started the Internet World Stats website and traffic was very small, we initiated a non-intrusive exit pop-under campaign to generate traffic to the web site. This arrangement worked very well in the beginning and exit exchange traffic started to grow.

But things changed, the popunders became a nuisance and some visitors complaint, with very valid reasons. We are glad to announce that as of July 1st, 2004 all pop-unders are gone forever from IWS.

We were afraid that this measure would affect the site's traffic and our page ranking. The website traffic did go down for three days, but then we had a very pleasant surprise: the visitors started to come back in larger numbers. Removing the pop-unders was the best thing for everybody.

The traffic we lost was non-targeted, random traffic. The traffic we have gained is from people really interested in reading the contents of the IWS website and surfing without disturbing pup-unders, popups, adware, and other such nuisances.

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The Top Ten Languages in Internet

This statistic has been publishing featuring the Top 10 Internet Languages, according to the number of Internet users. It is new original content of IWS and may be viewed at:
Top Ten.

The data is for June, 2004, and can be condensed as follows: The 10 top languages in the Internet are:

1st - English, with 293 million Internet users.

2nd - Chinese, with 98 million Internet users.

3rd - Japanese, with 65 million Internet users.

4th - Spanish, with 54 million Internet users.

5th - German, with 52 million Internet users.

6th - French, with 33 million Internet users.

7th - Korean, with 29 million Internet users.

8th - Italian, with 29 million Internet users.

9th - Portuguese, with 22 million Internet users.

10th - Dutch, with 14 million Internet users.

This information is important for segmentation of the international markets.
For more details, please go to
Top Ten .

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IWS has got a new Web Log

To keep up to date on broadband news, internet usage, web updates and posting news, we have started a web log. This is a good way to post news fast without the need of updoading a new web page.

We would like to receive your opinions, suggestions and feeback regarding this beta "bLog", this newsletter, and the Internet Stats we publish.

That's all for now. See you next month with more internet world stats news.

Take care,

Enrique de Argaez,
editor and webmaster

About this newsletter:
IWS News is a free opt-in newsletter about internet marketing research, published monthly for subscribers. For your personal Opt-in subscription or for unsubscribing, please use this
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