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Internet Usage Stats and Telecom Reports

Internet Usage Statistics:
14,872,200 Internet users as of June/10, 88.6% of the population, according to I.T.U..

Latest Population Estimate:
16,783,092 population for 2010, according to U.S Census Bureau.

Gross Domestic Product:
GDP per capita is US$ 48,224 according to I.M.F.

Country Size (Area):
Netherlands has 41,526 sq km - Population density is 395 persons per sq km.

Internet Usage and Population Statistics:




% Pop.

Usage Source




24.1 %





52.5 %





65.9 %





88.4 %





88.6 %


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Netherlands Telecommunications Market Reports

Netherlands Broadband Market - Overview, Analysis & Forecasts Report
The Netherlands has historically been a leader in the provision of broadband services. The country’s concentrated demography and economic prosperity has leant itself to investment in advanced networks, including fibre and ADSL2+. The country’s broadband penetration in early 2006 is the highest in Europe. Much of this achievement is due the government’s progressive Broadband Expert Group (BEG) which has promoted the broadband economy. Growth has largely followed the BEG’s expectations, with a compound annual growth rate of 60% in data traffic driving demand for more capacious connections. Bandwidth averages are expected to reach 10Mb/s by 2007, with many urban areas able to receive up to 24Mb/s, making the provision of triple play offers a viable option for many. This report from Paul Budde profiles the Dutch fixed and wireless broadband markets in 2005 and early 2006, and analyses statistics and developments related with technologies including FttH, powerline broadband, wireless broadband, WiFi and Internet via satellite.
See table of contents and report summary.

Netherlands Convergence - Triple Play & Digital TV Report
The Dutch TV market is characterised by its comprehensive cable TV network presence, which reaches almost all TV homes. Most FTA TV signals are received via cable. The satellite TV market is comparatively small, and the multichannel environment has affected the development of digital terrestrial TV in the country. The broadband market is particularly well served by cable, ADSL and fibre networks which form the bedrock of emerging triple play services. This report provides an overview of media convergence in The Netherlands in 2005, profiling the major players and covering developments in digital, cable and interactive TV as well as services such as Video-on-Demand (VoD), VoIP and broadband TV.
See the report summary and table of content.

Netherlands Telecom Market - Key Statistics & Regulatory Overviews
The Netherlands has a small but advanced telecom market. In March 2005, Internet, broadband and mobile penetration were all far ahead of the EU average. This report introduces the key aspects of the Dutch telecom market in 2005. Comprehensive data is provided on fixed network services and the mobile and broadband sectors. The report also overviews the key regulatory issues, noting the status of interconnection, local loop unbundling, number portability and carrier preselection. Focussing on the fixed network, the major operators are profiled, while the telecommunications infrastructure and fixed telephony services are also reviewed.
Further details.

Netherlands Mobile Market - Overview & Statistics Report
The Dutch have adopted mobile phones enthusiastically. Mobile penetration breached 100% in 2005, and annual growth remains at a respectable 16%. SMS is by far the most popular data service with many innovations. I-Mode is also available, though only offered by the incumbent KPN. Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile also operate in The Netherlands, while O2’s operation was bought out by venture capitalists in 2003 and rebranded as Telfort. All the operators run GSM networks; five 3G licences were auctioned in July 2000 with services launched by KPN and Vodafone in 2004. This report provides statistics on the Dutch mobile market in 2005 and early 2006, including a review of the key operators, and an analysis of regulatory issues and mobile data services such as SMS, MMS and i-mode. It also examines the latest developments in high-speed mobile technologies in the Dutch market.
See table of contents here

THE HAGUE, 13/06/07 - The Netherlands is in the lead internationally with working at home via computer. Around 20 percent of the labour force regularly works in this way, according to a large study of Internet usage presented yesterday.

On average in the EU, 7 percent of the labour force regularly works at home via computer. Other countries with high scores are Denmark (18 percent) and Finland (16 percent). South European countries like Italy (3 percent) and Spain (2 percent) have much lower scores. Outside the EU, there are also many teleworkers in the US (17 percent).

Teleworking offers opportunities to combine work and household chores, but seldom happens for this reason. Usually, it is a "form of crisis management to survive time emergencies in work," according to the study. Additionally, it is notable that employees do not consider they have won more free time through ICT or that it has led to less pressure of work.

The figures are in the ICT and Society Yearbook presented yesterday to Socio-Economic Council (SER) chairman Alexander Rinnooy Kan. The study is a collaborative project of the Social and Cultural Planning Bureau (SCP), Fontys Colleges and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

The proportion of the Dutch population with access to Internet at home climbed from 16 percent in 1998 to 78 percent in 2005. Older people lag behind, but not very far. In the 55-64 age group, 72 percent had Internet access in 2005; among the 65-74s, this was 44 percent and among the over 75s, 17 percent.

Additionally, the amount of Internet usage has risen rapidly. "Between 2000 and 2005, the average amount of free time spent on Internet rose from 0.5 to 2.5 hours a week." It is also notable that as well as their traditional role of information consumers, the Dutch are increasingly becoming information producers. The study refers here to the rise of weblogs.

In 2005, television still remained by far the favourite medium (92 percent) for information about diverse subjects. Newspapers also remain popular for this (77 percent). Internet (38 percent) comes fourth after radio (47 percent), overtaking opinion magazines (15 percent) as a source of information.

SOURCE: NIS News, http://www.nisnews.nl/public/130607_2.htm , accessed June 13,2007.

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