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Internet Usage Statistics:
993,785 Internet users as of June/12, 78.0% of the population, according to the ITU.

Latest Population Estimate:
1,274,709 population for 2012, according to U.S Census Bureau.

491,620 subscribers for Sept 30, 2012, according to Facebook.

Gross Domestic Product:
GDP per capita is US$ 13,955 according to I.M.F.

Country Size (Area):
Estonia has 45,226 sq km - Population density is 29 persons per sq km.

Internet Usage and Population Statistics:




% Pop.

Usage Source




28.2 %





46.2 %

TSN Emor




51.8 %





57.0 %





75.1 %





78.0 %


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national holidays, demography, full information and links.

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Facts, leaders, history main events, map, geography,
media list, news and other links.

Estonia Profile by the CIA
History, geography, economy, communications and
basic data for Estonia.

Estonia Telecommunications Market Reports

Estonia - Telecoms Market - Overview & Statistics report
The Estonian telecoms market is one of the most developed in Eastern Europe. The country has relatively high Internet usage, including Internet banking and e-government services as well as relatively high broadband penetration, although the incumbent holds a virtual monopoly on ADSL services, helped in part by delays in enforcing decisions from the regulator. The cable market is well developed, with the majority of households having access to services. Consequently it is no surprise that the cable operators have launched triple play services in the liberalised market, posing a significant challenge to the fixed-line incumbent. The fixed-line incumbent has responded by rolling-out Fibre-to-the-Home networks and launching broadband TV services. Mobile penetration in the country is quite high, on par with most Western European nations. Mobile Virtual Network Operators have entered the market and third generation mobile services have been launched. Mobile content and applications are growing in availability, including mobile TV and m-commerce services, and will be increasingly relied upon by the mobile operators to extract additional revenue from subscribers in the saturated market. This Paul Budde report provides a succinct overview of the Estonian telecoms market, providing coverage of the major operators that make up the industry and insightful statistics and forecasts of the various communication sectors.
See the summary and table of contents

Estonia - Telecoms, Networks & Broadband Overview and Forecasts
This report covers central, eastern and south Eastern Europe on a geographical basis and includes Greece. It gives an overview of the telecommunications market in the region. Fixed-line penetration levels are low and are declining in many countries due to mobile substitution. In contrast the mobile market is enjoying high growth across much of the region and very high penetration levels in the more developed markets. Internet penetration is low, mostly due to low incomes, but broadband connections are increasing.
Get the complete report

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