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Internet Usage Stats and Market Report

Internet Usage Statistics:
65,123,800 Internet users as of June/10, 79.1% of the population, according to ITU

Latest German Population Estimate:
82,282,988 population for 2010, according to US Census Bureau.

Gross Domestic Product:
GDP per capita is US$ 42,440 ('08) according to World Bank

Country Size (Area):
Germany has 357,021 sq km - Population density is 230 persons per sq km.

Internet Usage and Population Statistics:




% Pop.

Usage Source




29.2 %





56.3 %

Nielsen Net//Ratings




57.0 %

Nielsen Net//Ratings




61.1 %

Nielsen Net//Ratings




75.3 %





79.1 %


Germany Official Statistics Page
German Federal Statistical Office

Search Engines and Directories
German Search Engines

German Open Directory

German Basic Information and Country Profile

Germany in the Wikipedia
German history, politics, map, geography, economy,
demography, full information and many links.

Germany Profile from the BBC
Facts, leaders, history main events, map, geography,
media list, news and other links.

Germany Profile from the CIA
Facts, leaders, history main events, map, geography,
media list, news and other links.

German Culture and Etiquette
Understanding local language, culture, etiquette and taboos
is of great value to the traveller or visiting business person.

Germany Telecommunications Market Reports

Germany Broadband Market - Overview and Statistics report
Germany has the second largest Internet and broadband market in Europe. Unmetered access products and faster broadband services are fuelling continued growth. The ubiquity of Deutsche Telekom´s copper network is almost matched by the country´s cable TV networks. Nevertheless, the country´s broadband penetration trails behind most of Europe, and is far below the EU15 average. This report profiles Germany´s fixed and wireless broadband markets in 2005 and early 2006, together with developments with related technologies such as FttH, powerline broadband, wireless broadband, WiFi and Internet via satellite.
Get the complete report

Germany Convergence - Triple Play and Digital TV report
Germany has the second highest number of broadband subscribers in Europe. The country´s ubiquitous DSL network is matched by an extensive cable infrastructure which passes more than 36 million homes. The broadcast sector is characterised by cable networks and a high number of FTA channels, which have hampered the development of pay TV. Digital TV has undergone regulatory and licensing processes, and successful roll-outs at the end of 2004 have been extended to the Leipzig/Halle and Erfurt/Weimar regions in 2005. Analogue switch-off is scheduled for 2010. This report provides an overview of Germany´s broadband market in 2005 and early 2006 and moves towards media convergence, including recent developments in Video-on-Demand (VoD), triple play and VoIP services, together with an overview of the digital and satellite TV markets.
See report table of content.

Germany Key Statistics, Telecom Market and Regulatory Overviews
Germany large and affluent population supports Europe´s largest telecom market. Penetration in the broadband and mobile sectors has reached the EU average, though both lag behind benchmark countries. The fixed network and broadband markets in Germany are dominated by Deutsche Telekom, though other notable players including mobilcom-freenet, BT Global Services, Vodafone (Arcor) and debitel have gained market share as the incumbent continues to struggle with poor recent performance. This report introduces the key aspects of the German telecom market in 2010, providing comprehensive data on the country´s fixed network infrastructure as well as key regulatory developments including the status of interconnection, local loop unbundling, number portability, and carrier preselection. It also profiles the major operators, and details the development of Next Generation Networks and the battle between the EC, the government and incumbent on NGN access.
Get the complete report here

Germany Mobile Market - Overview and Statistics
The German mobile market is the largest in Europe in terms of subscribers and revenue. Mobile penetration reached more than 130% by early 2009. In common with most markets the main area of growth is in the 3G sector. In this report we provide key statistics and analysis on the mobile market in Germany in 2010, including an overview of the main operators together with 3G subscriber and mobile ARPU forecasts to 2015.
Get the full report here

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