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Internet World Stats Blog

News, Statistics and Search Tools Internet Usage and Search Engine Stats
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1,574 Million Internet Users!

– February 12, 2009 – My, how time flies! A new year and new estimates for the number of Internet users in the world - 2008 year-end data - is 1,574,313,184 and a penetration of 23.5%, based on the world population estimate of 6,710,029,070 persons for year-end 2008. Details by world region are available now at the World Stats page. Internet growth in all parts of the world, according to Internet World Stats.

1,463 Million Internet Users!

– June 30, 2008 – The estimated number of Internet users in the world for June 30, 2008 is 1,463,632,361 and the penetration is 21.9%, based on the world population estimate of 6,676,120,288 persons for mid-year 2008. See the details by world region at the World Stats page. Internet continues to grow in all parts of the world, according to the latest report from Internet World Stats.

Happy Birthday Internet World Stats!

– March 25, 2008 – It was six years ago that this website - Internet World Stats dot com - was born, on March 25, 2002. Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement. We hope to be around for many more years, publishing the most complete Internet usage statistics in the world. See the latest report at the Internet Big Picture page. IWS is healthy and growing well, according to the latest report from Compete .

Top Internet Penetrated Countries

– February 24, 2008 – The list of the most Internet Penetrated countries in the world has been updated, and now it includes the 40 Top Internet Penetrated Countries.
See the statistics at the at the
Top Internet Penetration page.

Internet Users in Europe

– February 16, 2008 – The figures for Internet users in Europe for December 2007 have been updated, and a new graphic showing the Top Ten Countries has been added. See the statistics for each of the 52 countries and regions at the Europe Internet Stats page.

Latin American Internet Users

– January 26, 2008 – Updated figures for Internet users in Latin America for December 2007, show 122,796,514 users and a penetration rate of 22.2 %. Get the statistics for each of the 20 countries at the Latin America Stats page.

Internet Users in 2007

– January 20, 2008 – New figures for Colombia, Poland, Russia and several other nations have increased the estimates for December 2007, to 1,319,872,109 Internet users in the world Internet, and a global penetration rate of 20.0 %. This means that out of every five people in the world, one has used the Internet, a truly remarkable statistic.

China with 210 Million Internet Users

– January 18, 2008 – New figures from China indicate that there are 210 million Internet users as of December, 2007. We will wait a few days to receive more information from the field before posting the final 2007 4Q statistics.

Internet Stats for November 2007

– January 8, 2008 – With the figures available today, we are updating the tables and graphs with Internet users and penetration rate for all world regions and most countries as of November 2007. For this date, we estimate the number of Internet users at 1,262,032,697 and the Internet penetration rate at 19.1 %. Tables and graphs by geographic regions are available at the main world statistics page.

New Year 2008

– January 2, 2008 – Hello everyone, and all the best for the year 2008. We have several changes and innovations for you here at the Internet World Stats website. Permit me to tell you about them.

The first change is that we now have lots of colorful graphics on our statistics pages. These are a great help for understanding and comparing the figures published about Internet usage and penetration in the different world regions and countries. We hope you enjoy these new visual aids to the stats.

The second innovation is that as world population source we will be using the population data from the U.S. Census Bureau. They are a well known and trusworthy source of up to date population information for all the countries of the world. The 2007 4Q Internet World Stats, to be published towards the first days of February 2008, will feature the new population data from the Census Bureau. In order to start the transition to the new demographic data, we are doing a general update of all our stats, featuring data as of November 30, 2007. We have started collecting the 2007 year statistics.

The other innovation is that we will begin publishing Internet Market Reports for all the countries and regions of the world, based on our data base archive of Internet Usage and Penetration for the world. These reports will be available for sale at this website, in pdf format, and will feature historic data, market growth projections, exclusive graphs and tables, as well as high spot market reviews.

Please visit frequently this blog. Here we will post and keep you informed of the latest worldwide Internet usage statistics, and updates to this website.

This page features Internet Usage Statistics, Search Engine and Broad Band News since January/2008. Get the latest Headlines on Web statistics, population data and Internet Markets here. To read the previous Blogs, click on the corresponding date range:
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