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Internet usage, broadband and telecommunications reports

Internet Usage Statistics:
7,991,630 Internet users as of June, 2019;
78.8% of the population, according to IWS.

Azerbaijan - officially the Republic of Azerbaijan - is a country in the Caucasus region. Located at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Southwest Asia, it is bounded by the Caspian Sea to the east, Russia to the north, Georgia to the northwest, Armenia to the west, and Iran to the south. The Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic (an exclave of Azerbaijan) borders Armenia to the north and east, Iran to the south and west, and Turkey to the northwest. The Nagorno-Karabakh region in the country's southwest declared itself independent from Azerbaijan in 1991, but it is not recognized by any nation. The capital city is Baku.

Latest Population Estimate:
10,139,177 population for 2020, according to U.S. Census Bureau.

Latest GDP Estimate:
GDP per capita was US$ 4,721 for 2018, according to the I.M.F .

Azerbaijan Land Size (Area):
Azerbaijan has 86,530 sq km - Population Density is 117 persons per sq km.

Weather in Azerbaijan: Weather in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Travel to Azerbaijan: hotelscombined.com

Internet Usage and Population Statistics:




% Pen.

GDP p.c.*

Usage Source




0.1 %

US$ 410





9.8 %

US$ 3,759





18.3 %

US$ 5,213





29.7 %

US$ 4,807





44.4 %

US$ 5,729





61.0 %

US$ 7,590





78.8 %

US$ 4,721


Note: Per Capita GDP in US dollars, source: International Monetary Fund.

Azerbaijan Statistics
Statistical Data for the Republic of Azerbaijan

Search Engines and Directories:
Azerbaijan Search Engines

Azerbaijan Open Directory


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Azerbaijan information about the economy, geography, government,
population, communications, military and transnational issues.

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Up to date resume about Azerbaijan leaders, history, main events,
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Azerbaijan Information Page
The Azerbaijan gateway portal, with useful information.

Azerbaijan Telecommunications and Broadband Reports

Azerbaijan Telecoms Market Overview and Statistics Report
The Azerbaijan economy has been markedly stronger in recent years and, not surprisingly, the country is making progress in developing its telecoms sector. Nonetheless, it still faces problems. These include poor infrastructure and an immature telecom regulatory regime. The Ministry of Communications & Information Technologies (MCIT), as well as being an operator through its role in Aztelekom, is both a policy-maker and regulator. A boom in oil and gas exports has boosted the economy, reducing the country’s dependence on international aid. This report looks at the overall telecom market and includes some statistics, noting that up-to-date statistics for some sectors of the market are difficult to obtain. Market forecasts are also included in this report.
See summary and table of contents

Asia - Mobile Broadband - Statistics and Analysis
The line between mobile communications voice services as opposed to broadband services, is becoming blurred by the rapid uptake of smartphones. With some 3.7 billion people across Asia using mobile phones, over 50% of the mobile subscribers in the world, spread across a diverse range of markets, the region is already rapidly advancing in the adoption of mobile data/wireless broadband services.
See the table of contents and report summary here.

Broadband and Consumer E-Commerce in Azerbaijan

April 2019 Review

Energy-rich, this former Soviet republic is rich with massive energy windfalls. It is one of the post-Soviet petrostates - more than half of Azerbaijan’s current GDP and 90 percent of its exports are accounted for by oil and gas.

QTEL Global is currently developing wireless networks in Georgia and Azerbaijan. With QTEL technology, Azerbaijan will be able to deliver new and innovative Internet access, VoIP and multimedia services with greater speed to its Internet users. In Q4 2006, the Internet service provider (ISP), a division of Asia Telecom Ltd., began the construction of its own data transmission network and placement of DSLAM equipment for the assignment ADSL (Broadband) services in Baku city, Azerbaijan, according to Asian Telecom press release.

As of the end of Q4 - 2006, the company has laid a significant portion of the planned 200 km of fiber-optical cable. The completion of this project is scheduled for the end of February 2007. CEO Ayaz Karimov stated: "This initiative in Azerbaijan, and others like this, will serve to solidify our position as a significant player in the Central Asian market for dial-up, ADSL and related services." The Internet service provider (ISP) division of Asia Telecom Ltd. started operations in June 2005 as a provider of dial-up and ADSL services in the territory of Azerbaijan. This division today manages at least 18% of the dial-up market in Azerbaijan and recently began providing ADSL (Broadband) services in Q4 of 2006.

Unfortunately there are signs of pre-war tension between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Some believe that Russia's possible withdrawal from the Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) Treaty will allow it to transfer more armaments to Armenia. "This problem is bound to affect Azerbaijan - its conventional arms are regulated by the same treaty, and it is in a state of war with Armenia... Moscow already has a military base in Armenia and undisclosed amounts of arms on occupied Azeri lands. It is easy to see what arsenals Moscow can redeploy to Armenia if it withdraws from the CFE treaty." Local observers have qualified reports about American military bases in Azerbaijan as a "provocation to Moscow."(Echo, February 24.)

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