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Local Search Marketing

by Enrique De Argaez


Local Search is gaining importance for very obvious reasons. It is also getting more sofisticated with special features. This article is intended as a coaching guide to provide you with information on the different types of local search resources available in the Internet and how to use them, either for shopping or for marketing (aka selling). To be successful using Local Search you need to know how it works, both from the buyers point of view as well as from the sellers or marketers point of view. We cover both themes here.

The idea behind Local Search Marketing is to satisfy the needs of the people that go online and use the search engines (SE) to find products and services, guiding them to the nearest place to their location where they can purchase it. From the marketing point of view, it consists in precisely targeting customers who search online but purchase locally.

The following Local Search systems will be covered in this article: Yahoo Local Search, Google Local Search, AOL Local Search, Ask Jeeves Local Search, and Yell (UK) Local Search.

Yahoo Local Search

Yahoo, one of the main SE in Internet, has set up Local Sponsored Search listings enable you to drive customers from the Web to your door. Whether your business has a Web site or not. You can precisely target prospects searching online for products and services available in your neighborhood, and connect with customers who are already interested in what you sell.

Local Sponsored Search features a Locator page, which provides prospects with information about your business, including address, phone number, store hours and a map of your location. In addition, if your business has a Web site, your main Web page will be displayed along with the Locator page.

To get started, you write a description that accurately describes the products and services you offer and bid on keywords that apply to your business. You also determine the size of the area (ranging from 0.5- to 100-mile radius around your location) from which you want to draw customers.

For further details, go to
Yahoo Local Search.

Google Local Search

Google has stepped up its local search game by providing local business listings and driving directions to cell phone users.

Browser equipped mobile devices will be able to use the Google Local search service. The user will enter a search term and then choose a location. For example, "Manhattan" and "Salon" will deliver spa results for the city.

The Google SMS service can also provide driving directions and maps for SMS-enabled devices. Users will also be able to receive weather conditions and movie times through text messages.

The move comes as a Google effort to provide its information beyond the traditional PC and in a manner which is most relevant and useful to the user.

Google Local is available in the United States and Canada and most wireless carriers in the U.S. support Google SMS. For driving directions check Google Local Beta. There is also a Ride Finder at Google Labs.

See more information at Google Local Search.

AOL Local Search

AOL Local Search allows you to find businesses, restaurants, bars, events and movies near where you live, work and travel. The AOL Local Search can be used for planning an evening out, looking up the phone number of the hardware store down the street or finding a plumber to fix that leaky faucet.

Local Search includes ratings and reviews from AOL CityGuide editors as well as other users. Not only can you find a restaurant easily, you can find one that meets your exact requirements, with helpful information such as hours of operation, dress code and parking options. For many restaurants, bars and performing arts venues you even get a picture.

For many restaurants, you can make reservation without picking up the phone - just click the "Make a Reservation" link. You can also use AOL Local Search to buy tickets to movies, concerts, baseball games and more. You can even use Local Search to find out what's on sale at Target this week. Links appear automatically when these options are available.

Ask Jeeves Local Search

These are the local search engines in North America. They are the most advanced and better known local rearch resources. We will add more content to this article soon, according to future developments.

About the Author:
Enrique de Argaez is the webmaster of several international Internet websites and author of four newsletters. He is active in Internet World Marketing, and Internet Market Research. Visit his main English website at .

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