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How to Write a Great Press Release

by Enrique De Argaez

Many marketing experts recommend using press releases for generating targeted traffic to websites. This strategy has become increasingly popular lately and a number of new firms offering optimized press release services for individuals or firms wanting to get the word out about their web sites, newsletters, products or services have sprouted online.

You can use a professional service or write your own press releases. Either way, PR can be a very effective marketing tool if constructed properly. Distributing a powerful optimized press release can often drive targeted traffic to your web site and save you a lot of money.

The secret behind writing a great and effective press release is to plan and review your press release carefully before publishing it.

Poorly constructed or planned press releases are just a waste of your time and resources. Plan the message of your press release for the purpose it was meant for and for the target market you aim for:

1 - To create brand awareness for your website or products.

2 - To add additional subscribers to your newsletter or ezine.

3 - To promote a new product or service you have developed.

4 - To get publicity for an affiliate product you are marketing.

Whatever the purpose of your press release, after you develop the idea or plan you can then get down to the business of writing it.

The first thing to do is sketch out a rough draft of your press release to see how it flows. Check to see if it provides the needed information to get the message out and verify that it has been properly formatted. Yes, there is a right way to do all this.

All great press releases have a certain format that they follow. Search for press releases online and read the best ones you find. This is free and a good practice. To be successful and get your press release published you have to write like the pros, format your press release correctly, and send it out to your target media. You can do it yourself, if you have the time and like to write, or you can hire the service if you have the money and lack the knowledge.

The number one most important aspect of your press release is your headline. The wrong title will limit the effectiveness of your release. A good headline is critical to get it published by the press and read by the target public.

The press release headline is what the search engines are going to pick up first. So make sure you use it advantageously. List any key points here, using your keywords in a catchy headline so that it will grab your publishers and your readers attention.

Planning is essential in all phases of marketing with press releases. If you are promoting a new site include the URL in the headline. If promoting a product or service then include some keywords in the headline. Read all the press releases that stand out, copy the best ones as samples, and criticize them, make a list of what is right and that is wrong and why. All press releases can be judged in a scale of 1 to 5, with five being the highest. Give them a rating.

Practice makes perfect so just copy and print the press releases you choose as samples to learn from them. Afterwards take them apart, and analyze them. Do reengineering: take them apart and put them back together again till you master the way good press releases are put together and the critical elements they all have:

a - The format.
b - The heading.
c - The body text.
d - The closing.
e - The contact info.
f - The keyword placing.

Some press release services use a summary box. Write a catchy one-paragraph recap of your press release using some of your targeted keywords.

Avoid spammy text when optimizing press releases but it is important to include your targeted keywords in the first and last paragraphs. Procure a keyword exposure of approximately 2-3% saturation. If promoting a web site, mention the URL around three times within the press release for the maximum benefit.

To get the most benefits from your press releases, even when it is your first time around, try making them great by:

A - Planning correctly.
B - Setting a purpose and a target.
C - Using the established format and structure of the best samples.
D - Practice rewriting sample press releases and reengineering them.

At our website we feature many useful press release resources to help you write great press releases, please visit
Press Release Coaching, after you finish reading this article.

With most press release services you can submit your press release for free or via paid inclusion. Paying for inclusion gives you the benefit of faster indexing into the search engine news services and natural search engine result pages. Remember that with paid for service you get more exposure.

Normally your release will be picked up by Google news within a few hours after its release. From there on it will normally show up in the natural search results within a few days or a week.

Press releases are very effective marketing tools that you can use for promoting your web site or affiliate products, however it must be done correctly. Practice makes perfect.

By using press releases, you will be able to create a steady flow of targeted visitors to your web site and affiliate programs at the same time generating dozens of back links to your web site.

So get to it right now and write a few press releases yourself. Once you see what they can do for you, you won't stop writing press releases. Schedule your press releases for the year and plan in advance an integrated "press release marketing campaign".

You can also
automate the process of writing and distributing your own Press Releases. With this easy to use program you can:
1. Effortlessly flood your website with more backlinks -- Upwards of 100s, if you use it effectively.
2. Get any page you want visited by the major search engine spiders (including Google) in 3 days or less!
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4. Enjoy up to thousands of targeted visitors (from your unique content) pouring into any website you want (this alone could equal a nice affiliate pay-check).
5. Also get possible contacts from the media for HUGE promotional opportunities.

About the Author:
Enrique de Argaez is the webmaster of several multilingual Internet websites and author of four newsletters. He is active in Internet World Marketing, and Internet Market Research. Visit his main English website at .

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