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Internet Blog Glossary

by Enrique de Argaez, webmaster

Blogs, also known as 'weblogs', like all internet formats, have developed many terms which may baffle newcomers. The Blogging glossary is a resource for people who want to decode and demystify the jargon they may encounter while surfing through the blogosphere...

Although this glossary is not exhaustive by any means, it is one of the most complete of its kind regarding blog terminology and it is frequently updated. Most of the terms herein really are in use but a few are, shall we say, rather whimsical...




As Far As I Know


A nonsense filler word used as a subject for posts. The first letters on the second line of most keyboard. A person may use these letters instead of thinking up a title for a message {on those message boards where a title is needed before you can submit a message; "aoeu" is also used in this manner


short for 'message board' similar to "bulletin board' and 'discussion forum'; discussion forums are more interactive than message boards or bulletin boards


short for 'Web log'; an online dairy of your thoughts on a specific topic or whatever crosses your mind; see discussion forum


a person who blogs {a person who post comments or questions on blogs}


{vb} the act of posting on blogs


{adj} those things related to blogs


The Internet blogging community


be right back [used in chat rooms]


by the way

Discussion Forum

interactive online communities formed for group discussion & presentation of information on specific or general topics; 'blogs' and 'message boards' are related terms; many online communities also have group and private 'chat rooms' and private instant messaging features for their members; discussion forums usually have members who consider themselves to be part of a dynamic community of Interest; In some discussion forums only members can post comments and/or questions and start new "threads" on subjects to be discussed; in other discussion forums, both members and guest can perform these functions.

Down thread

{adv} earlier posts; comments that are found below the post you are reading or writing


{v] to post a series of highly inflammatory insulting comments, often using profanity


for what it's worth




{n} the name the poster gives to his/her comment


If I recall correctly


In my opinion


In my [humble] opinion


In my not so humble opinion


In Real Life


Just Kidding. Used when your immediately preceding comment is not to be taken seriously (also j/k)


Laughing my ass off (see ROFLMAO)


Laugh out loud


Letter to the editor {of newspapers & other print media


{vb} to visit a discussion forum without posting comments


{n} usually a neutral referent but sometimes depending on the blog/discussion forum may be a very negative term for a person who visits a discussion forum to read the posts, but doesn't post messages; in the neutral sense of the word "lurkers' are often 'newbies' {see newbie} who start out by lurking on the site before becoming active posters


More or less


mainstream media


no text (also "nt") [used when there is no text in the message but the heading]


{n} A person who is new to a particular discussion forum {blog}. Depending on the site, this may be a negative referent or a referent with no negative or positive attribution

Noob {n} {noobie}

'Noobie' comes from the word "newbie" . Often an at least faintly derisive term for a new poster who is unfamiliar with or who has violated the standard operating procedures of the discussion board or blog.

Open thread

{n} A thread that includes posts about multiple topics. In an open thread, a person can not go "off topic" or have "thread drift".


{n} Off topic {a digression from the topic being discussed; unless it is an 'open thread' posters are expected to keep 'on topic'; some online communities are more accepting of digressions than others; see "thread drift"


{n} personal message/ or private message; some discussion forums have instant messaging features; each member has his or her own personal page and can send and receive private messages with other members; related terms: "PMed"; "PMing"


{n} the comment; message


{v} the act of submitting a post


{n} the person who writes a specific post ; the same as 'blogger'


{n} Point Of View


{v} add a comment to a thread that had been archived, thus continuing the thread


{v} a function listed as an icon on the tool bar & found by clicking on 'View' in the tool bar; this opens up the latest edition of the specific Internet page a person was on so that you can see new comments or posts


{n} {repost} a comment that has been previously posted on that website or on another website


{v} {"repost"} the act of putting a post in a thread that had previously been posted; this is usually frowned upon, especially if the person doing so wasn't the person who wrote the original post; usually discussion forums expect that a person have prior permission from the poster before re-posting that person's comment; it is also expected that a re-post be identified as such


Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off. Some letters of this shorthand phrase are omitted to make phrases such as ' LMAO' and 'ROF'; also a letter may be added to this acronym to make 'ROFLMFAO' {the second "f" means 'fat'}

s/u c u later

{see you later}


{n} short for "website"


{n} a series of posts either on a specific topic or, in the case of an "open thread", on multiple topics, or any topic at all

Thread drift

{n} an off topic post in a thread on a specific topic; thread drift is frowned upon to a greater or lesser degree depending on the particular discussion forum or the particular thread within a discussion forum


{n} a negative referent for a person who posts on a discussion board for the purpose of disrupting the conversation


{v} to act like a troll

Up thread

{adv} used to refer to a comment or comments that were made further above the post that you are reading or writing. In some blogs, the latest posts are placed first. In other blogs, posts are placed in chronological order with the earliest posted comments appearing before the latest comments. And in still other blogs, responses to posts are placed under the "parent" post that prompted it.


{n} the address of a website




Way to go (A compliment)

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