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Basic Statistics and Demographics

by Enrique De Argaez, MBA, P.E., webmaster

Statistics paint a picture of who we are, where we live, who many we are and what we do. They help people, firms and government make choices which shape our lives. Statistics also supply the market information required for marketing research studies.

Statistics are produced from data. The dictionary definition of "statistics" refers to numeric indicators of nations. Popular usage of the term points to numeric summaries that condense information, or numbers that are used to make comparisons, or numbers that portray relationships or associations. The term statistics also refers a formal discipline of study. The field of statistics is the science of generalization. Built upon theories of probability and inference, statistics support the making of broad generalizations from a smaller number of specific observations.

As a science, statistics are concerned with the collection, organization, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data. There are many practical and useful applications for statistics:
- Statistical inference is the process of drawing conclusions about unknown characteristics of a population from which data were taken.
- Statistical process control (SPC) – a methodology for monitoring a process to identify special causes of variation and signal the need to take corrective action when appropriate.
- Statistical quality control (SQC) – the application of statistical methods for controlling quality.

For advanced reading in statistics, see the
Electronic Statistics Textbook.
For online courses in statistics, visit


Demography is the statistical study of human populations, especially in reference to size, density and distribution. Demographic information is of particular importance to people involved in market analyses and highest and best use analyses in determining potential land uses of sites.

For World Demography and Population Studies and Information, we recommend the following resources:

- City Population

- H-Demog

- Integrated Population, Land Use and Emissions Data Project

- UN National Statistics Offices Websites List

- Population Review Journal

- U.S.A. and World Population Clocks

- World Population Clock (Worldometers)

- People Facts and Figures

Now there are also many companies that like to do their own research work. This approach has its merits and in order to help out, we have created a new website dedicated to internet market research. The site is called all about market research dot com. There you will find tips, tools, links, research reports, articles and resources.

We hope that you have found the present article useful.

Enrique De Argaez

P.S.: For further reading see:
Guide to Internet Statistics.

About the Author:
Enrique De Argaez is the webmaster of the
"Internet World Stats" website. Since 2000 he has been collecting Internet Usage Statistics, and publishing the data for over 233 countries and regions of the world for free use by the academia, the global business community and the general public. For more information on Internet World Usage, visit his web site at: http://www.InternetWorldStats.com

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