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Touching One's Soul - The Ultimate Inspiration for a Writer

by Edward B. Toupin

From smoke and dirt to pollution and oil, it is amazing how much gunk
can collect on a window over time. I sit here in my office looking out
the window that appears to look the same as it did when it was new,
but wondering why it was always a gray overcast outside. I was just
used to the slow collection of crud so I never really noticed how opaque
the window was becoming. It took a lot of cleaner, four rags, and a lot
of elbow grease to make the window acceptably transparent again, but
it'll never be the same as it was when it was new.

Just as with the window, from birth, we all collect some level of gunk
on our souls. This gunk consists of misinformation, prejudices, conflict,
trauma, and myriad other experiences that layer over our creative
insides. These layers slowly change the way we see our world by
creating an opaque film over our soul's eye. With that we begin to
see the world in a way that we assume that it is and not necessarily
in a way that it truly exists. Our reality becomes tainted preventing us
from perusing and becoming everything that we could possibly become.
However, somehow we need to clean off that gunk to obtain a clear
view of life.

---Writing to Clear my Vision---

After 15 years of sharpening pencils and banging on the keyboard,
I am still amazed at the things that happen as I continue to write.
In the early days, I simply did it because it helped to pay the bills and
it was fun to see my books at the bookstore. But, as time passed, I
began to realize that the more I write, the more I learn about myself,
and the more layers that peel off of my soul.

I must say, that the most fulfilling experience I ever had as a writer
was the day that I saw my soul. To settle your doubts, it wasn't so
much a physical manifestation of a soul, but it was the automatic typing
of my fingers to create content so rich that I had to pinch myself to
see if it was still me. This bizarre, yet fulfilling, sensation pushed me
into an entirely different frame of mind and a sense of satisfaction
and self-belief like I had never known.

---Writing to Scratch the Surface---

Writing can take on many different shapes and sizes. Some write for
research. Some write for pleasure. Others write for money. But, at
the core of writing is the expression of one's inner being. It is an
outlet for the soul. A way for it to give so that it can dig its way out
of the layers of contradiction and goo that have piled on over the

Many books have been written about the act of keeping journals or
writing pages in the mornings to describe the first things that are in
your mind to clear the way for the remainder of the day. The idea
behind such practice writings is to begin to dig through years of muck
and mire to touch the ultimate writer within us. However, it is much
more than that. It is the release of our creative self that we all have
inside and provides us with guidance and direction through our lives.

---Writing to Touch the Soul---

The soul is that energy that keeps it alive and connected to the
Universe. It is the most basic part of our existence, but contains the
knowledge and emotion of the Universe. When you touch your soul,
your fingers take on a life of their own and you "feel" the things that
you must write. Whether you feel it as inspiration or some divine
message, it doesn't matter. It all boils down to the fact that you are
connected to your inner self and have punctured a hole through which
the inspiration can flow.

Once you touch your soul, your life will change. It's like a
chain-reaction that changes your outlook and your direction. You feel
what you are truly made of and find that you are capable of everything.
All of the challenges you've encountered throughout your life suddenly
transform into lessons.

The easiest way to begin the journey of self-discovery is to begin
writing. Don't write about the fly on the wall or the sunset. Write
what you feel. What is the first feeling that comes to you.

While your first few attempts will appear, perhaps, embarrassing, they
are simply a representation as to the way the soul's message is
translated through the years of experience piled on top of it. The
objective is to dig through the layers to reach your core. Just keep
writing. Every time you write, you'll find that the feeling you're
documenting becomes clearer and more intelligible.

---What's next?---

Whether your objective in life is to be a writer or not, the idea behind
writing is simply to touch your soul. It's no wonder so many people
live their lives in spiritual destitution. The creativity that ought to
fuel every thing in life is stifled. Don't starve your spirit. Learn what
creative gift the Universe has given you. Love it and care for it. It's
as important as the food you eat and the air you breathe as it is
what supports your life.

Copyright © Edward B. Toupin 2014.

About the Author:
Edward B. Toupin is an author, life-strategy coach, counselor, and
technical writer living in Las Vegas, NV. Among other things, he authors
books and articles on topics ranging from career success through life
organization and fulfillment.


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