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United States of America
Internet Usage and Broadband Usage Report

Internet Usage Statistics
277,436,130 Internet users as of Mar/14, 87.0% of the population, according to PEW.

Latest Population Estimate
318,892,103 population for 2014, according to the US Census Bureau.

Gross National Income
GNI per capita is US$ 50,120 for 2013 according to World Bank

Country Area
9,629,047 sq km - Population density is 33 persons per sq km

United States Official Statistics
US Data and Statistics

United States Statistics - State by State
USA Internet State by State Statistics

Internet Usage and Population Growth




% Pop.


Usage Source




44.1 %






50.0 %






58.0 %






59.2 %






68.8 %


Nielsen Online




68.1 %


Nielsen Online




70.2 %


Nielsen Online




72.5 %


Nielsen Online




74.1 %


Nielsen Online




77.3 %






87.0 %



Internet Broadband Subscribers in USA
Subscriber Statistics - June 30, 2009


Total Subs. at
End of 2Q 2009

New Subs.
during 2Q 2009

Change (%)

Cable Companies



0.66 %

Telephone Companies



1.22 %

Total Broadband



0.92 %

Sources: The Internet Broadband provider companies and Leichtman Research Group, Inc., June 30,2009.

United States Government Websites

US Government Official Web Portal

United States Government Information

Google United States Government Search

Travel Information to and from the United States

United States in the CIA World Factbook

US Search Engines and Directories
Search Engine Colossus

United States Newspapers Directory

United States ISP
Directory of Internet Service Providers (ISP) in
more than 14,000 cities in the United States.

US State by State Internet Usage
National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA)

United States Current Population Report
Number of Households and Families in the United States, Projections 1995 - 2010
(New 2010 US Census Official data will be available as of December/2010.)

United States City by City Report
City Data is a collection of United States city photos.

Real Estate Agent Miami
A one stop resource for all your Miami real estate needs.

UNITED STATES Legal Federal Holidays

- January 1, every year: New Year's Day
- January, 3rd monday in Jan: Martin Luther King Day
- January 20: Inauguration Day [every 4th year]
- February, 3rd monday in Feb: Presidents Day (observed)
note: Presidents Day is also Washington's Birthday (observed)
- May, last monday in May: Memorial Day (observed)
- July 4, 2011: Independence Day [July 4 every year]
- September, 1st monday in Sept: Labor Day
- October, 2nd monday in Oct: Columbus Day (observed)
- November 11, every year: Veterans Day
- November, 4th thursday in Nov: Thanksgiving Day
- December 25, every year: Christmas Day

about Inauguration Day ...
It always comes after U.S. presidential election, held every 4 years.


US Internet Use, 1995-2014
New national survey by the PEW Internet Research Project' shows that 87% of American adults now use the Internet.

US Broadband Technology Fact Sheet (2013)
Highlights of the Pew Internet Project's research related to broadband (2000 to 2013).

Broadband Plays Catch-Up in Rural Areas, Outpaces Growth in Big Cities

Broadband Penetration Rate Grows 16 Percentage Points in Rural Areas Over Past Two Years, Significantly Outpacing that of Metropolitan Areas

RESTON, VA, August 19, 2009 comScore, Inc. released a study on broadband growth in rural, micropolitan and metropolitan areas in the United States. The results of the analysis indicate that while broadband penetration is much higher in the metropolitan and micropolitan areas, broadband has experienced the most significant gains in rural areas during the past two years.

“Across the country we have witnessed growth in broadband adoption driven by greater price competition and increased consumer demand, as bandwidth-intense activities like video streaming and peer-to-peer sharing continue to grow,” said Brian Jurutka, vice president of telecommunications at comScore. “With low-speed DSL priced at about the same level as dial-up in many areas, there is little incentive for households to remain on dial-up.”

Broadband Adoption Increases in Rural America but Remains Below Overall U.S. Level

Rural markets (defined as having a population less than 10,000) in the U.S. experienced a 16-percentage point increase in broadband penetration from Q2 2007 to Q2 2009, making it the fastest growing geographic market segment in the nation. Comparatively, micropolitan areas (population between 10,000-50,000) grew 14 percentage points during the same period, while metropolitan areas (population 50,000+) grew 11 percentage points.

Even though rural markets have experienced significant growth, their broadband penetration of 75 percent remains well below the national average of 89 percent. Lower broadband penetration in rural areas is compounded by lower Internet usage overall. According to a 2007 analysis by U.S. Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service, 63 percent of all rural households had at least one member access the Internet, compared with 73 percent of urban households.

Broadband penetration was a topic highlighted in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) signed by President Obama earlier this year. The Recovery Act provided a total of $7.2 billion to the Commerce Department's National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Rural Utilities Service (RUS) to accelerate broadband deployment in areas of the country that have been without the high-speed infrastructure. Starting this month, broadband deployment workshops are being held in Washington D.C.; the national broadband plan is due to Congress in February 2010.

Smaller Markets Lead the Nation in Broadband Growth

An analysis of the nation's fastest growing local markets in broadband adoption found that the top-growing markets were all smaller, ranking at or below #50 in terms of size. Ft. Myers - Naples was the fastest growing market with a 12-percentage point increase in broadband penetration from Q1 2008 to Q1 2009. Flint-Saginaw-Bay City, MI, Louisville, KY, and Evansville, IN all experienced 11-percentage point increases during the same period.

In comparison, the nation's largest markets are closer to reaching saturation and experienced low single-digit growth. New York, the largest local market, reached 96 percent broadband penetration in Q1 2009, making it the most wired local market among the largest five.

Local Broadband Providers Successful in Rural Areas

While large broadband providers such as AT&T and Comcast have a presence in rural areas, smaller and more localized providers such as Cincinnati Bell, Insight, PenTeleData, Mediacom and Bresnan Communications are proving tough competition in the battle for market share. For example, in Billings, Montana, Bresnan is the leading broadband provider with 63 percent of the market. Broadband penetration is still relatively low in Billings at 77 percent, indicating that Bresnan is well positioned to grow as broadband adoption continues to increase.

“We are following these developments closely as the market landscape continues to evolve,” continued Mr. Jurutka. “The consumer has many decisions to make regarding their home Internet service including the initial purchase decision, what price is justifiable and what connection speeds warrant an increased price. At comScore we seek to understand how consumers are making these decisions and the resulting effects on broadband growth and ISP share.”

About comScore For more information, please visit

Special 26 page Report from Federal Communications Commission (FCC): (High Speed Services for Internet Access: Status as of June 30, 2008) Read report US High Speed Internet (pdf)

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Click on this link to see more Telecommunications Market Reports for North America. More statistics, figures and updates become available all the time.

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