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Internet Usage and Market Report

Internet Usage Statistics:
1,503,441 Internet users as of December, 2011, 42.8% of the population, according to ITU.

Latest Population Estimate:
3,510,045 population estimate for 2012, according to US Census Bureau.

Latest Country GNI Estimate:
GNI per capita was US$ 9,910 for 2013, according to the World Bank.

Country Area (Size):
77,082 sq km - Population density: 40 persons per sq km

Internet Usage and Population Growth:




% Pen.

Usage Source




1.6 %





8.0 %





42.8 %


Panama Search Engines:

Panama Search Engines.

Panama Profile:

Panama Profile by the BBC

Panama Profile by the CIA

Panama information in the Wikipedia

Broadband and Telecommunications in Panama

Panama opened its telecom industry to full competition in January 2003, ending the monopoly enjoyed by Cable & Wireless Panamá (C&WP). Since then, the government has awarded numerous new concessions for fixed-line telephony.

With significant telecom infrastructure, a liberalised market, and serviced by five global fibre optic cables, Panama has become an attractive country for telecom investments. Competition is slow to develop in basic telephony, where the incumbent Cable & Wireless Panamá is reluctant to unbundle its local network, but the long distance sector has attracted several players, leading to huge price drops, especially in international calls. Mobile telephony overtook fixed lines in 2001 and has been steadily growing.

In the Internet market, although penetration is still low, dial-up and ADSL connections are developing at a fast pace; growth potential in this sector is excellent. The leading cable TV company, Cable Onda, has started to offer Triple Play services (converged broadband, telephony and pay TV).

Panama Telecommunications Market Overview and Forecasts
Slated to be the best performer in Latin America in terms of economic growth, Panama is an attractive country for telecom investments. Competition has been slow to develop in basic telephony, where the incumbent Cable & Wireless Panama (C&WP) is reluctant to unbundle its local network, but the long distance sector is highly competitive. In December 2007, Panamanian startup CTV Telecom launched the first IPTV service in Central America offering digital pay TV, broadband, and telephony services. Digicel Panama, Claro Panama, and Telemovil El Salvador prequalified for a 2008 spectrum auction, in which two mobile licences are being offered to compete with C&WP and Telefónica. This report looks at Panama’s overall telecom market and includes a selection of market statistics and forecasts.
Get the report here.

Recommended Telecommunications Market Report on all Latin America:

Telecommunications, Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband in Latin America
This report includes scenario-based forecasting for the fixed-line, mobile and broadband markets in the major Latin American countries. Scenario forecasting presents us with an opportunity to address the market variables and their likely impact on future growth. Essentially, our scenario forecasts provide bands between higher and lower limits within which growth is expected to occur.
See table of content and the executive summary here.

Panama Links:

Panama Links from Lanic

Panama Radio and TV Stations

Click on this link to see the latest Telecommunications Market Reports for Central America. More statistics, figures and updates become available all the time.

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