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Falkland Islands
Search Engines and Internet Usage

Falkland Islands Internet Usage:
2,900 Internet users as of March/2017, 99.3% of the population, according to the IWS.

Falkland Islands Population Estimate:
2,919 population for 2017, according to United Nations Population Department

Gross National Income:
GDP per capita is US$ 35,400 (2002) according to World Bank

Falkland Islands Country Area and Maps:
12,173 sq km - see Falkland Islands maps

Falkland Islands Local Weather:
Check the local weather in Stanley, Falkland Islands

Internet Growth and Population Statistics:



Internet Users

% Pen.

GNI p.c.

Usage Source




68.4 %

$ n/a





69.4 %

$ 25,000





96.9 %

$ 25,000





96.2 %

$ 35,000





99.3 %

$ 35,000


Note: GNI is Gross National Income per capita, and corresponds to
World Bank data in US dollars.

Falkland Islands Search Resources:
The language in the Falkland Islands is English, therefore local Search Engines and Directories are in English.

Falkland Islands Search Engines Directory
Search Engine Colossus.

UK Overseas Teritories Conservation Forum
The Forum promotes the coordinated conservation of the
threatened plant and animal species of the UK Overseas Territories.

Falkland Islands in the Wikipedia
History, politics, geography, economy and demographics of Falkland Islands.

Falkland Islands in the BBC
History, politics, geography, economy and demographics of Falkland Islands.

CIA Factbook on the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)
Falkland Islands geography, people, Government, Economy, Communications and transnational issues of the Falkland Islands.

Falkland Islands Internet Websites

Falkland Islands Web Site
Falkland Islands Official web site.

Falkland Islands Page
Links and picture gallery showing the unique landscape.

Antarctic Region Review
Pictures and travel information for the
Antartic Region.

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